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    10 favourite solos (on John's solo songs)

    By souncide

    Lots of people seem to have many favourite solos that John did while on RHCP (me included), but what about the ones on his solo work? Here I'll list a few of mine - but I'll provide no especific explanation whatsoever. They're my favourite because of the feelings they bring to me. 10 - The melodica on "A name" (Curtains) 9 - The guitar solo on "The Will to Death" (The Will to Death) 8 - The guitar solo on "Dissolve" (DC EP) 7 - The last drum part on "Hear Say" (PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone) 6 - The 12-string acoustic guitar solo on "The Past Recedes" (Curtains) 5 - The quick guitar solo on "Cut Out" (Shadows Collide With People) 4 - The guitar solo right before the lyrics on "A Fall Thru The Ground" (Smile From The Streets You Hold) 3 - The many guitar solos on "Forever Away" (The Brown Bunny Soundtrack) 2 - The guitar solo on "Ten to Butter Blood Vodoo" (Niandra LaDes and Usually a T-Shirt) 1 - The guitar solo on "Look On" (Inside of Emptiness)

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    ideas with no connection begging for your attention

    proscribed people to fight your perception

    a satisfied entity that's claimed your body

    grab the apple that's been promised to a slave's family

    a relationship's razor blades hidden in between your gums

    i can't regret the time spent under your shadow

    reminded by the light's tainted wrath upon my body

    currency that carries me

    a memory that buries me

    a recollection with no entry

    listen to the moments separating

  1. Without writing too much, I wish to attempt a short entry about pine nuts!

    I began eating pine nuts in small to medium amounts about a month ago, and began to notice that I felt a bit more alive than normal. I read about them and found that they have an amazing nutrient profile. Something led me to try compressing part of a pine nut with my hand and placing it under my tongue for several minutes. (That is sublingual administration, which is used for many oil and liquid medicines, here including any of the nutrients in the pine nut's water and its oil that can absorb there).

    I want to go into detail but it doesn't make sense to do so in the first entry.

    Since keeping up eating some pine nuts each day and taking a few sublingually, I feel like a new person; I am able to experience myself and the world around me in a very new way, and, reading about the nutrients and how taken together they would be a very natural way to help my body and mind, it makes sense! Through high school and after for many years I had an antidepressant pill to use; and recently for months had been very depressed and very paranoid, and felt like I was experiencing the world around me very incompletely. I didn't expect... pine nuts taken under my tongue, of all things, to make a difference. Instead they have made a vast yet gentle difference! ^_^:wub:

    Please write a message to me if you have any questions; I am sure that it is different for everyone, but I am also hopeful that many people could be helped by this different way of using pine nuts and in many ways more than they have helped me! Much love for nature's incredible and creative bounty of nourishment and healing, much love to you, and much love for the ways that we become reunited with being nature's incredible and creative bounty of nourishment and healing!

  2. A recent edit compiled in my film class as a side project. Condensed John's very thoughtful 45 minute interview into 6 minutes. All thoughts and criticism welcome.

  3. I thought this would be a fun moment to share the first photo I have taken of John at the first of the three RHCP shows I was fortunate (the word is not an overstatement here, quite an understatement given the situation) to attend during the Stadium Arcadium tour.

    The date was December 6th 2006, the country was Austria, the city was Vienna and the venue was Stadthalle.

    I lost my friend whose name you might find on A LOT photos taken from 2003 to 2007 somewhere in the crowd and I made it to the front row, to its very edge on the right.

    Sidestage area was right in front of me and the first thing I spotted was some very youthful-looking man in a white T-shirt putting tape on some cables on the floor. I thought he looked strangely familiar...


    ...and yeah, it was John. And then I snapped this...err...abstract piece of art.

    Do you keep any similarly bizarre/downright bad photos for sentimental reasons, too?

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    Light up your thoughts with my eye

    Let me guide your way

    Up in the sky, in the bed of clouds


    Try to see me

  4. On my last post, I didn't mention any of the artists from my country. As I said on the comments, I was afraid that songs in portuguese wouldn't be well receptioned here, since english is the primary language. But since Iva and Maldoror encouraged me to do so, I'm making a second post only for the music of Brazil.

    (Warning: This post will be HUGE)

    Ed Motta

    I've been listening to him since I was 12. Great musician, awesome singer, even better composer. I have (almost) all his albums on CD. I wanna meet him someday, and maybe if I'm lucky, play something with him, too. He was the one who made me want a Fender Rhodes Piano so bad.

    Jóia de mágoa and Entre e ouça


    He's been around for so many years, and has released a lot of albums. He recorded a few on the USA, if I'm not mistaken, and had Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica in one of his tracks.

    Esquinas and Pétala

    Hermeto Pascoal

    There isn't a single musical instrument this man can't play. And there isn't a single object he can't use to make music. He has a really great musical ear, and makes great songs. There's a doc on Youtube (I can't find right now - I believe it's called "A arte da criação por Hermeto Pascoal") that shows the making of the soundtrack of a movie - he composed, arranged and recorded the whole thing in TWO DAYS. All by himself.

    Susto and Quebrando Tudo (live at Montreux)


    He was the lead vocalist of a band (which, to be honest, I never stopped to listen) and later had his solo career. He had a nice work and wrote some pretty good songs. He died on 1990 of septic shock caused by the HIV. Before dying, he finished his last album - because of his poor health, he sang most of the songs on a wheelchair, and the last ones laying down.

    Codinome Beija Flor and Um Trem Para As Estrelas

    Raul Seixas

    I don't have much to say about him, other than the fact I really enjoy his music, and he was one of the musicians that "made me think". Raul died in 1989.

    Nuit and Planos de papel

    Tim Maia

    One of the begginers of the funk/soul music on Brazil. He had a turbulent carreer, and even more turbulent life. Made some true gems of the brazilian music. He died on 1998, one week after having complications on his last (and unfinished) show.

    Rodésia and Nuvens

    Egberto Gismonti

    When I took guitar classes, my teacher would praise this guy a lot - as much as he praised Hermeto Pascoal. It isn't hard to understand now.

    Baião Malandro

    Zé Ramalho

    Remember how I said Raul Seixas was one of the musicians that made me think? Zé Ramalho was one of the other ones.

    A dança das borboletas and Luciela

    (Bonus: a track from his first record ever - a collaboration between him and Lula Côrtes. It's one of the rarest records of the world, and it's considered by many the very first track of the brazilian psychedelia)

    I think I covered pretty much all the music from here I listen the most. There are some others, but I can't write too much about them. If you're interested in listening the brazilian music, then these guys are the ones I recomend for a start. And when you have time, give a try to: Badi Assad, Elis Regina, Quarteto Novo and the bossa nova people.

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    i love JF
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    As part of a course I'm taking at the moment on Addiction, I thought I would post a bit of work I did on it. Would love to hear people's views (no matter how different from mine) on the first paper I did on it.

    The paper is for those who may have or had a problem who want to find out some straightforward information on it and how to find an answer to why they may have started to use a certain substance.

    Hope you enjoy reading:


    It doesn’t matter who you are, what background you come from, what you believe in or what sex you are; anyone can suffer from an addiction, be it caffeine or heroin. The receptors in your brain create a feel good ‘Reward Pathway’, which increases activity and pleasure. These feelings become priority and it is easy to forget simple things such as movement or cognitive behavior. Not everyone who takes drugs will become addicted to them but a high percentage of people do. This doesn’t meant you’re less of a person, but that your brain has decided it needs these substances in it to help you feel more euphoric or happy.

    So what is addiction?

    It is the effect that a substance has on a human brain and the brain feels it needs more of this for various reasons. For example, if taking pain medication, the dose you are on may become too weak, due to a tolerance to it after using for a while. When this happens the person may take a high dose for a better result, to deal with pain. However, while this may get rid of the pain, it could also have an effect on your mental health, with the brain needing more and more of it to get by in the day.

    When taking drugs, or any other addictive substance, there is a huge flow of dopamine running through the brain. Dopamine controls your emotions, movement, cognitive behavior, new memories and pleasure. For example, when eating a lot of sugar, we get a wave of dopamine which makes us change in the way we think, maybe doing things on impulse and can make us feel more happy, due to the emotions the dopamine has made. When this wares off we begin to feel the opposite of all these things, such as feeling depressed and lack of concentration. While some people may be able to deal with the withdrawals, there is a high percentage of people who feel that to get these feelings back they must take more of the substance they previously took. This is not a weakness; it is your brain telling you that they need more of this to level out the new dopamine levels that have been created. For example, if you miss your morning coffee, you may get headaches. This is your brain telling you that you need the caffeine to help with the signals in the brain.

    The brain adapts when you put a substance into your body and is able to become tolerate to what substances you use, as stated above. You may see yourself taking more and more of something because of this. For example, you may use what would have been a lethal dose of heroin at the beginning of your addiction now and still have the same experience. You may find that you spend more and more time ‘high’ and unaware of what your body needs, such as food and sleep. For many this is a wake up call, but is still hard to stop the addiction and continue to use even though they know they shouldn’t.

    Addictions can also effect your mental state, making it difficult for someone to socialize with others. There are a lot of counseling services out there that can help with this. Always keep in mind that this is a long journey and relapse may be part of the treatment. By going through a relapse you only become stronger by experiencing it and you can identify where you went wrong.

    The cells in our brain are what control the substances we use. They have two actions, receiving or modifying information and passing it onto the next cell, to get the message through to the person. There is a huge amount of information stored in the cells. They communicate through neurotransmissions, which are elctrowaves. Each part of the brain cells have different jobs, such as emotion and each cell influences the next. Drugs mimic this pattern when put into our bodies, which give extra strong messages to the cells, giving eutrophic from the ‘Reward Pathway’.

    As stated before, there are various parts of the brain controlling various areas of human thought. Two of these are the mesolimbic and the mesocoritcal. These control emotions and decisions. They combine when trying to make the decisions to take substances. For example, when you are feeling down, due to withdrawal of a substance, the mesolimbic lobe with send a message to the mesocoritcal lobe which will make the decisions that you should take more of the substance to make the other part get feeling of happiness again. This leads to impulses and thus more substance abuse.

  5. This morning, I was sifting through John Frusciante’s discography, picking and choosing my favourites and lining them up in a playlist. I’d never compiled my own version of John’s Greatest Hits before and began wondering why I was picking some songs over others.

    That’s when I realised that what I was searching for was moments, rarely longer than a few seconds – the small tactile moments in the songs that make them stand out.

    Thought I’d list a few of my favourite moments, the bits of sound in some songs that make them special.

    The Intake of Breath Before ‘Carvel’

    This is such a good way to begin an album. After breathing in, you’ve got to breathe out. After the sharp breath in, the beginning second of Carvel – the voice, drums, guitar, synths, all of it – sounds like a clear, cold mountain bursting out of John’s lungs.

    “These are the times I was scared of…”

    This lyric from ‘Anne’ is jammed between two screaming guitar solos and is the first time in the song that John introduces a harmony part; the harmony is close which makes it stronger. Also it shunts the song directly into the present tense, making me feel scared for the person in the song. It’s the perfect climax to a wonderful song.

    Synth Opening to ‘Song to Sing When I’m Lonely’

    There’s something beautiful about the juxtaposition of a synthetic sound with a happy melody. It’s great too because the stereo bouncing between the ears starts the song in a disparate wide open place, the guitar then knots them together in the centre of the stereo field before the verse begins and the synth disappears. It’s very nice.

    Tape Looping Vocals in ‘Running Away Into You’

    John perfected this technique early on and used it again on later albums but here it's golden and works tightly with the theme. Whatever/whoever he’s running away into, his voice runs away into the song, melding sonically into a glorious looping mess that becomes unrecognisable as a human voice. The single moment that I love most is around the 1.35 mark where suddenly the voice becomes distinguishable once again as a prolonged distorted wail. I love it.

    Ghostly Vocals in ‘Away & Anywhere’

    This song has always felt to me like travelling, like a steady difficult journey. The driving rhythmic rim shots on the snare in the choruses probably add to that, as does the steady tempo of the electronic drums in the verses. What always chills me is when the ghostly backing vocals enter at about 2.34. It really pushes the journey into the nighttime for me. It’s a strong moment.


    A really simple one here. I think the two voices singing their anempathetic duet is a really powerful demonstration of a divided mind. The most effective moment is when the two voices stop (almost) arguing and sing “makes me feel like I’m alive” together although I also like when the mix of the two makes it sound like John sings “always makes me feel good to know you’re a whirlpool.” It’s like a chink of light amid the darkness.

    With Love

    This is my favourite of Frusciante’s instrumentals. For some reason, I love it when the track cuts out during the final note at the end because the tape runs out. It makes everything that came before sound even more raw. The track makes me feel lovelorn and sad and the ending just amplifies that.

    There are many more moments I love but that’s enough writing for now.

  6. From the Staff

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    Ever since the forums have been added to the site in 2005, there were topics that were simply not fitting, opinions that were causing disagreements. Not to mention the number of great artwork not getting noticed in the Arts and Design forum, and the hours, days of excellent music in the musicians' subsection. Some things just never caught on and they probably should have, just in some form other than a message board topic. And some people prefer to read than post, as their ways of contributing to a community are different.

    Therefore, *drumroll*...Your Forum Is Glued to a Site on Fire has blogs now.

    Who can blog and how much?

    If you're a moderator, you can create up to three blogs. If you're an important contributor, you can create two. Members are eligible to create a single blog. Validating members, banned folk and guests cannot view the blogs section.

    If you would like to have a group blog on a specific topic with one or more board members, please let us know, supply names of your co-bloggers and we'll do our best to make this possible.

    What is there to blog about? Here are some examples:

    - You could share your music, as you're creating it. And comment on others' music.

    - You could share your poetry, prose, lyrics...

    - You could create a blog where you're fulfilling requests to tab particular songs and jams, identifying samples etc.

    - You could do everything that you were previously not allowed to in topics, as in, be a super-obsessed fan, sharing nothing but fan stories.

    - ...or fan art.

    - ...or collections.

    - . If also fails, you could be the everyday blogger type and share the usual stuff: photographs of your cat, recipes for your favourite meals, or whatever.

    So, how does one create a blog on here?

    Providing that you have validated your account and that you're logged in, it's pretty easy. Navigate to the blogs section in the main menu.iKas0Kt.jpg

    Once there, click on the plain text link that reads Manage Blogs.


    Once the next page has been loaded, you will be provided with an option of creating a blog (unless you've reached your limit of blogs per member):


    On the next screen, all you have to do is check the box in order to accept some default and reasonable terms and conditions.


    After having accepted to conditions, you'll have to think of a name for your blog. A description is optional. After this step has been completed, your blog will be created.


    On the last screen, you'll be able to set some default options for your newly-created blog.


    And that's it. Really. All you have to do is go back to the step 2 and click on Add Entry.

    Happy blogging!

    Why should I blog on here?

    - It's a great way to get people to know you and interact with you.

    - It's a good blogging system for an absolute beginner.

    - Here you can blog about niche-specific stuff that potentially wouldn't interest anybody else, anywhere else.

    - More exposure for your work, duh.

    Will there be competitions and awards for bloggers?

    Yes, in the near future. For now, we're going with one featured blog entry for a period of time, until this takes off properly.

    Should you have questions and ideas related to the blog system - drop a line to the administrator.

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