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Want to blog right here, right now? Be our guest.



Ever since the forums have been added to the site in 2005, there were topics that were simply not fitting, opinions that were causing disagreements. Not to mention the number of great artwork not getting noticed in the Arts and Design forum, and the hours, days of excellent music in the musicians' subsection. Some things just never caught on and they probably should have, just in some form other than a message board topic. And some people prefer to read than post, as their ways of contributing to a community are different.

Therefore, *drumroll*...Your Forum Is Glued to a Site on Fire has blogs now.

Who can blog and how much?

If you're a moderator, you can create up to three blogs. If you're an important contributor, you can create two. Members are eligible to create a single blog. Validating members, banned folk and guests cannot view the blogs section.

If you would like to have a group blog on a specific topic with one or more board members, please let us know, supply names of your co-bloggers and we'll do our best to make this possible.

What is there to blog about? Here are some examples:

- You could share your music, as you're creating it. And comment on others' music.

- You could share your poetry, prose, lyrics...

- You could create a blog where you're fulfilling requests to tab particular songs and jams, identifying samples etc.

- You could do everything that you were previously not allowed to in topics, as in, be a super-obsessed fan, sharing nothing but fan stories.

- ...or fan art.

- ...or collections.

- . If also fails, you could be the everyday blogger type and share the usual stuff: photographs of your cat, recipes for your favourite meals, or whatever.

So, how does one create a blog on here?

Providing that you have validated your account and that you're logged in, it's pretty easy. Navigate to the blogs section in the main menu.iKas0Kt.jpg

Once there, click on the plain text link that reads Manage Blogs.


Once the next page has been loaded, you will be provided with an option of creating a blog (unless you've reached your limit of blogs per member):


On the next screen, all you have to do is check the box in order to accept some default and reasonable terms and conditions.


After having accepted to conditions, you'll have to think of a name for your blog. A description is optional. After this step has been completed, your blog will be created.


On the last screen, you'll be able to set some default options for your newly-created blog.


And that's it. Really. All you have to do is go back to the step 2 and click on Add Entry.

Happy blogging!

Why should I blog on here?

- It's a great way to get people to know you and interact with you.

- It's a good blogging system for an absolute beginner.

- Here you can blog about niche-specific stuff that potentially wouldn't interest anybody else, anywhere else.

- More exposure for your work, duh.

Will there be competitions and awards for bloggers?

Yes, in the near future. For now, we're going with one featured blog entry for a period of time, until this takes off properly.

Should you have questions and ideas related to the blog system - drop a line to the administrator.


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