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Besides John, who are my favourite artists?



John is my all-time favourite, but obviously he isn't the only one I listen to. There are the ones that I listened to before him - one of these was the one who introduced John to me - and some others I started listening after him. Gonna list some of these here - with each one, I'll put a link to at least one song. I'm not listing the famous dudes: these are the somewhat obscure ones, the ones that need more people knowing about them.


If you saw my first blog post, you know that this guy was the one who made me know John. I read about him back on 2008, but as the little ignorant (and closed-minded) 12 year old I was, I didn't cared. Time passed, 2012 came, I now was a recently turned 17 years old, and I found out about Yoñlu again. I went to search... and all I could think was "Why the hell I ignored this before? It's gold!" Yoñlu was my first influence and the one who inspired me to start recording my own music - which I always delayed because I thought you couldn't record without a studio. Sadly, Yoñlu commited sucide back on 2006, but his music remains. And I'll make sure that it'll remain forever.

Here I'll put a link to his cover of Ricky, the one that made me know about John, and also to Katie Don't Be Depressed, my all-time favourite song of him

Daniel Johnston

I was browsing the "Outsider music" page on Wikipedia one day just for curiosity, and this guy was on the top of the list. When I read about him, I was curious - "a schizophrenic with bipolar disorder who writes music?" - and went straight to Youtube. Man, I don't regret a single bit. Daniel has a sweet voice and is a great pianist. He plays the guitar, too, and even though he isn't that great on it, he still plays with feeling. I do wanna meet this guy someday.

Somethings Last A Long Time and a home video of Funeral Home

Nick Drake

I don't quite remember how I found out about Nick. All I know is that the first song I listened to was the title track from his final album. For me, he was the most injusticed musician of all time. Despite all the efforts, he failed to become famous while he was alive. He was shy and didn't liked to give interviews or to perform live - his shows were poorly attended and people didn't seem to really understand what he was doing. Nick recorded three albums - two with a backing band and "Pink Moon", the last one, alone. Nick died at the age of 26, on his parents home.

Way To Blue and Things Behind The Sun


This guy, he's a mistery. He releases his records through his own label and never made any public appearance before 2004. To these days, no one is sure of what's his real name. He's just Jandek. His first album is... painful, to say the least. The songs are atonal and he sings in a moaning-untuned voice. But after that, oh, after that it becomes great. On his extense discography, which has at least one album every year since 1981 (between the first one and the second, there's a 3 year gap), there's acoustic, piano solos, blues, garage rock, etc. Worth a listen.

Niagra Blues

Tiny Tim

I bet you know about him without even knowing. Let me explain - you watch Spongebob? Recall the very first episode, Help Wanted? Well, Tiny is the one who sings the song you listen in this episode - Living In The Sunlight. Tiny was famous for his falsetto voice and the ukulele playing, and also for his stage act. He was famous on the late 60s and early 70s, but after that he went obscure again. On the 90s, he gained part of his popularity back, but on 1996 Tiny had two heart attacks - one in September, the other on November, both on stage - and died after the second one.

Living In The Sunlight, Tiptoe Through The Tulips and I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop

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Wow this is a LOT of music to listen to, I guess that's why no one has replied yet. But I just checked out Yonlu, and it's a hell of a sad story. I mean, I first listened to "Ricky" and had no idea it was a 16-year-old singing to me, as he sounded so mature. I just thought, this guy is very gifted and has a lot to give, why would he commit suicide? And it's also very unsettling how he made "Ricky", one of John's most cathartic, uplifting songs sound like a depression song.

I'm also surprised that you, being from Brazil, don't mention any Portuguese-language artists. IMVHO Brazil has one of the richest, if not THE richest musical cultures in the world - Villa-Lobos, Pixinguinha, Dorival Caymmi, Baden Powell, Tom Zé, Caetano Veloso, to name just a few. Or are you going to dedicate a separate entry to Portuguese-language music? Just curious.

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I'm unaware of Yonlu, but I love the others and I have a soft spot for Jandek. Perfection...especially the songs "Naked in the Afternoon", "Can I See Your Clock", "Jenny" and "Electric End" instrumental extravaganza, as well as his Nocturnes piano album published last year. The representative of Corwood Industries is one great, great musician.

I also second what Maldoror said - would like to read such an entry.

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I actually didn't mentioned any brazilian artists because I was, somehow, afraid that songs in portuguese wouldn't be very well receptioned in a primary english-speaking board. But... well, now that you mention, I may create a separate entry to some of the guys from here. Just give me some time to make a list.

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Don't worry, the one language that matters most in music is music itself. And if people fall in love with the music, they'll learn Portuguese eventually :)

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"didn't mention" is the negation of "mentioned" - I know, English is a confusing language.

And you could start something awesome, as a lot of us come from non-English-speaking countries and music just...transcends. Language does not matter.

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