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When I discovered John



Some people who listen to John's solo work probably knew him first when he was RHCP's guitarist. Well, I knew him as a solo artist first, and then I found out about his work on RHCP. Yes, I'm serious here. But, quite obviously, I didn't found John "alone". It was when I started listening to a young singer from my country, who, unfortunately, has commited suicide almost ten years ago. This guy's called Yoñlu, and was my first big influence on music.

While I was listening to his work, I found his cover of "Ricky". I thought it was very cool, and was curious about who the hell was John Frusciante. For what I knew, Yoñlu was a big fan of him, and John was his biggest influence. When I first searched "John Frusciante" on Youtube, I found... "My smile is a rifle". Not quite the best song to start listening to his work, some may say, but I thought it was really awesome. Over the weeks, I found songs from The Brown Bunny Soundtrack, more from the "Niandra LaDes" era, and got a lot of these on my cellphone.

2012 was the year I discovered John Frusciante, and I may say: it was only of the things that made 2012 a good year for me. If there is one really soft memory of mine, is of my nights after school, waiting the bus to go home, while I heard John singing "Forever Away" only for me.

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You're definitely on the "cool side" as far as "John discovery" is concerned. I probably wouldn't have found out about him if I hadn't been watching a lot of mainstream music TV back in 1999 and 2000. But ultimately, it doesn't matter where you come from as long as you end up listening to John, and he opens your mind further. And by the way, "my smile is a rifle" is as catchy as any RHCP track :)

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I think you have somehow, unaware of what you're doing, illustrated the beautiful privilleges of the world the way it is today - with social media, sites like and various internet radio stations, giving us an opportunity to discover music, rather than have it showed down our throats.

I do hope that majority of people who found John's music recently found it the way you did - that would make it even more valuable. :)

Thanks for sharing your story and please, do continue blogging.

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