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  3. I just watched this - Is that situation a scene in the bible? Odd. Yet John ain't Jesus Christ contrary to what too many people say...
  4. Скачать видео
  5. This is a fairly simple song, yet I can't really figure it out. It starts with 8 measures kick, followed by the base line ( what a pun) As far as I know, the bass line goes like Bb-Bb-Db- | -Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Db Afterwards, the melodic chord changes go _roughly_ like F-F-Bb-Bb- | F-F-Bb-Bb- Ab-Ab-C-Db- | Ab-C-Db Is anyone willing to figure this song out? Shame on me, my failure in figuring this song out made it lose all its appeal...
  6. How do you like it guys? I've enjoyed it so much last summer. It's perfect music to work visually for my taste He's looking with a serious mine to me. Okay, enough off-topic
  7. found this, Tech said they were new American strat pups
  8. We're in a new place, y'all. :D

  9. Mine was finally shipped today! SO.HAPPY. This truly is THE album for a person on the crossroads in their early thirties.
  10. Water, you're looking for this: And this (NSFW!) This is not good to speculate, but I always wondered if he was a fellow grey-A.
  11. And the two recents, the square one also being from Linda's instagram, for John's birthday.
  12. Welcome to the forum, Lars. Have a look at this collection of screencaps:
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  14. Really honest and sad at the same time imo
  15. Solved: Works fine if I put the WAH after the delay
  16. If i put the WH10(V2) before the delay, the sound is a distorted s**t. I guess it is because of the volume boost.
  17. Yea man! For sure! I have never uploaded a video on youtube but really want to so this mite be the time! I will also upload on Instagram not sure if you have one??
  18. Wow that's crazy! I guess today's polyurethane coatings really do blow nitrocellulose out of the water when it comes to durability, none of my guitars have worn like that but my acoustic and I've had some of them for years. I guess the years were rough on his guitars with all the travel and play. Pretty cool to see the difference.
  19. Awesome! I'd love to hear what you think, and if you're able to record it and upload it on youtube or soundcloud or whatever that'd be cool too!
  20. Yea your right. Maybe down the distant road all get myself a vintage one for home or just cu it's Kul to have one haha . I ended up buying a ten spot! All let you know when it comes in how I like it!
  21. This site (below) is not the easiest to navigate but it seems someone from there has spent a lot of time emailing John's old guitar tech, Dave Lee (one of the nicest guys in the biz. He let me hold one of Fru's guitars once for a photo). The site has many interesting stories about his guitars- like the battered white Strat from SA era that looked like the paint had melted off the front (John did a guitar mag cover shoot with it once), John gave to it Jack Irons son, who converted it to a lefty and still plays it! Very cool. Anyway the first page I linked to shows the 62 Strat discussed in this thread very shortly after John got it (not the best photo but you can see how new it looks and how small the wear above the pickguard is). Here is another clearer one from even earlier:
  22. Some of us oldies remember John coming back with the 62 strat. It was almost pristine in 98, very little wear. We have watched it age as the gigs go past. It doesn't surprise me about the pickups. John doesn't know the year of some of his guitars. He's a strange one in that he's a tech head in some ways but not in others. His knowledge of old synths far out ways his knowledge of vintage guitars and specs and also setups/maintenance (latter probably because someone else has done it for him since the late 80s).
  23. You're right that couldn't be from the mid 50's. But fun fact he never had his pickups replaced with duncan's, they were replaced with stock american fender strat pickups according to his old guitar tech. His guitar tech said John was mistaken about the duncans.
  24. Yeah I agree, I always thought this. One of my favourite Chi-pep songs in my opinion
  25. They are the same guitar. 50s Strats (up until late 59) had maple boards unlike the one pictured. The grain can't be seen as the top picture is a photo scanned from an old magazine and the second is a digital photo. He broke the pickguard and it has been replaced (this was after the pickups were replaced with Duncan's). The screw placement fits late '63 onwards. I know Fender sell '62 mint green pickguards with no truss rod scoop, maybe they do for '64 style as well?
  26. Here it sounds as close as possible to my PDS 1002
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