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    A recent edit compiled in my film class as a side project. Condensed John's very thoughtful 45 minute interview into 6 minutes. All thoughts and criticism welcome.
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    Please can you tab me the first solo? Starts at 2:06 Thank you!
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    I mean this part: The guitar is jingles sweetly. Some reverb?
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    music to me is something that free's my mind and takes me to a different place
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    Its my belief that music litterly is a vibration of the universe that causes through symbols of sounds a meaning in our sub-concious one deeper than we can begin to comprehend. I believe that good music is good music and bad is bad. The things that make it good & bad are much more to with intentions. The thing that makes music great is how well it reflects that intention which either comes through forces internally or externaly. Music means to me everything and nothing. The only thing that interests me is music however it could be argued that i spend my time sitting doing nothing. I listen to around 40albums a week and its become my best friend something that i always have and always have more to do and hear in. With the godsend of recordings in the form of cd's ect much has been attached to music that is nothing to do with it i.e fashion, money ect while these things affect the music made they still hold little place in the grand scheme of things i have never read a music magazine or intentionally listened to the radio, the internet particually utube and IM (thanks iva:D) has allowed me to discover a world rich in quality and beauty Quite simply through apparent randomness and feeling an urge to buy from amazon.com a copy of curtains by some guy called john frusciante (who i had no idea who he was or what he sounded like) apart from rhcp's californication, by the way, SA, it has changed my life and i looked forward to life with and around music....... :D/>
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    music is what thoughts sound like.