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    Xmas 2016 with Linda Ramone @lindaramone
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    hi there does anybody of you guys know a good picture of John's green short pants it is seen in rhcp show me your show video? the best i can find is a picture of john what shows upper body and not his pants.
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    http://josh-klinghoffer.org/gitarre-bass-magazine-interview-with-josh-klinghoffer/ Really honest and sad at the same time imo
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    The pictures of Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) also mean a lot to John. These are two examples (taken of the artwork for "The Spotlight Kid")
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    Hi there. Can anyone tell me where this photo is from ('cause I've been told it's a recent one)? Thanks.
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    Hehe . Anyway I spent a good hour or two trying my hardest to match John's Big Muff Pi sound off of Strip My Mind, to no avail. His is just so damn smooth. I'm not sure if it's post-processing stuff or what but it sounds divine and is what I'd like to have as a benchmark for my BMP sound. Anyone here got any ideas? Edit: Honestly, I could have a lengthy topic about every inch of the SA tone, the clean guitars, the distorted rhythm guitars, the leads, etc, etc.