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    On my last post, I didn't mention any of the artists from my country. As I said on the comments, I was afraid that songs in portuguese wouldn't be well receptioned here, since english is the primary language. But since Iva and Maldoror encouraged me to do so, I'm making a second post only for the music of Brazil. (Warning: This post will be HUGE) Ed Motta I've been listening to him since I was 12. Great musician, awesome singer, even better composer. I have (almost) all his albums on CD. I wanna meet him someday, and maybe if I'm lucky, play something with him, too. He was the one who made me want a Fender Rhodes Piano so bad. Jóia de mágoa and Entre e ouça Djavan He's been around for so many years, and has released a lot of albums. He recorded a few on the USA, if I'm not mistaken, and had Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica in one of his tracks. Esquinas and Pétala http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbBZMTTrBxw Hermeto Pascoal There isn't a single musical instrument this man can't play. And there isn't a single object he can't use to make music. He has a really great musical ear, and makes great songs. There's a doc on Youtube (I can't find right now - I believe it's called "A arte da criação por Hermeto Pascoal") that shows the making of the soundtrack of a movie - he composed, arranged and recorded the whole thing in TWO DAYS. All by himself. Susto and Quebrando Tudo (live at Montreux) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk4uFPUMfvs Cazuza He was the lead vocalist of a band (which, to be honest, I never stopped to listen) and later had his solo career. He had a nice work and wrote some pretty good songs. He died on 1990 of septic shock caused by the HIV. Before dying, he finished his last album - because of his poor health, he sang most of the songs on a wheelchair, and the last ones laying down. Codinome Beija Flor and Um Trem Para As Estrelas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUV8al0K6lM Raul Seixas I don't have much to say about him, other than the fact I really enjoy his music, and he was one of the musicians that "made me think". Raul died in 1989. Nuit and Planos de papel Tim Maia One of the begginers of the funk/soul music on Brazil. He had a turbulent carreer, and even more turbulent life. Made some true gems of the brazilian music. He died on 1998, one week after having complications on his last (and unfinished) show. Rodésia and Nuvens Egberto Gismonti When I took guitar classes, my teacher would praise this guy a lot - as much as he praised Hermeto Pascoal. It isn't hard to understand now. Baião Malandro Zé Ramalho Remember how I said Raul Seixas was one of the musicians that made me think? Zé Ramalho was one of the other ones. A dança das borboletas and Luciela http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C425vdHzChI (Bonus: a track from his first record ever - a collaboration between him and Lula Côrtes. It's one of the rarest records of the world, and it's considered by many the very first track of the brazilian psychedelia) I think I covered pretty much all the music from here I listen the most. There are some others, but I can't write too much about them. If you're interested in listening the brazilian music, then these guys are the ones I recomend for a start. And when you have time, give a try to: Badi Assad, Elis Regina, Quarteto Novo and the bossa nova people.