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  1. Thanks for the cover! Probably from the distributor's page, couldn't remember the URL.
  2. We're in a new place, y'all. :D

  3. Mine was finally shipped today! SO.HAPPY. This truly is THE album for a person on the crossroads in their early thirties.
  4. Water, you're looking for this: http://invisible-movement.net/2008/12/mike-piscitelli-talks-about-the-past-recedes-new-photo And this (NSFW!) This is not good to speculate, but I always wondered if he was a fellow grey-A.
  5. And the two recents, the square one also being from Linda's instagram, for John's birthday.
  6. Welcome to the forum, Lars. Have a look at this collection of screencaps: http://invisible-movement.net/v/index.php?/category/964
  7. 12345
  8. kingdom for homelessness people attitude im very sloopy from pure cocaine molekia rush for free coffee tobacco with ease from hell with care build condos stadiums end poverty-stricken areas premonition heaven peacefully quietly noinjury creamation end disease give this guy ahhh reason to not want to have 2 commit suicide adlercare78 free heroin in jail gods version of the devil dedskinfacemask78  find out who the real god is hit this is the place Devils bleed respectfully people government with heroin conduct yerself properly microdots78 dedication sporting at home with credit as well with ease from pure dummys exercise yer mind train people to get the right message out there when i end my life with grade 1 pure Colombian heroin i will be creamated right after braindamedge brain tumor cronic pain nerves no reason 2 live anymore anywise meet in heaven peacefully quietly noinjury cant fuction properly in society anymore soar thumb made ahhh big joke outta myself phonyism snobism regret my past just waiting to dye management as well with ease from hell for all good Samaritan 

  9. Can't resurrect this particular thread. Hope you'll be OK. :/
  10. We have existed for a year and a half by the time they appeared and we were never on good terms. I'll spare you from details, but that website is not run ethically. And John should do what he wants. If he currently does not want to talk about "the band" and does not want to perform - fine. As long as he's creative, healthy and happy, he should not be a performance monkey in hands of some fat guys in suits who probably have their own ways of controlling fragile types. Music industry is evil and even though the small labels are full of minority-complex filled I KNOW A FAMOUS PERSON WOW types, at least there are no shackles of the LOOK LIKE THIS, PERFORM LIKE THIS, WE INVENTED THE STORY OF YOUR REDEMPTION AND USED YOUR BELIEFS AS MARKETING BUZZWORDS mafia. There is life without the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's just that people need something to belong to, something that is universally accepted, something to make a hobby, something they're constantly fed with and made believe that it's a matter of give and take. We're all about instant gratification. We "miss" people we never met, bands when they're not touring, we give strangers the lives we made up for them and in most cases, this fantasy has nothing to do with truth. And everybody knows that Mother Goat is the only true goddess. John can do nothing but accept to be canonised as a demigoat and join us cool kids. Then we can all play Goat Simulator. / foolosophy
  11. Could have been edited for clarity, too.
  12. For those who claim otherwise: the album has been mastered for vinyl.
  13. Esti, John has not done a solo show since June 2005. On his 2001 solo shows, he did some songs off Smile. January 27th, 2001 - London - Well I've Been http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-01-27 January 28th, 2001 - London - Life's a Bath http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-01-28 February 03rd, 2001 - Paris - Life's a Bath, Smile From The Streets You Hold http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-02-03 February 08th, 2001 - Amsterdam - Life's a Bath, Well I've Been http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-02-08 February 13th, 2001 - Toronto - Femininity http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-02-13-2 March 15th, 2001 - New York - Enter a Uh [tease] - pretty sure our friend went to this show http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-03-15 March 19th, 2001 - Los Angeles - Life's a Bath, Smile From The Streets You Hold http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-03-19 March 31st, 2001 - Los Angeles - Life's a Bath http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-03-31 April 27th, 2001 - San Francisco - Life's a Bath http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-04-27 May 01st, 2001 - Los Angeles - Femininity, Smile From The Streets You Hold http://invisible-movement.net/gig/2001-05-01
  14. Other than the first two posts in the thread, the rest has barely anything to do with To Record Only Water For Ten Days, so how about we go back to the topic?