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  1. Just to clarify, the tone is in the wallet is a sarcastic joke, EQ and sound quality aside, if you don't have it in your fingers, that's a bye-bye, no recovery from that. If you screw up the EQ on a SRV song, it's not the bad playing, it's just the crappy sound A good pedal/guitar/amp is only helpful in a sense that it gives you the sound that makes you happy, thus motivating you to improve yourself. How many pedals do I really need? None whatsoever... How many pedals do I want to buy? A floppity-jillion... And that's exactly why we pay so much for pedals, the demand is so high, they can easily get away with redonkulous prices!
  2. Cool pedals are expensive, that's the sad truth. I know you'd like to find something cool and still keep the wallet happy, so would I and everybody else. But the demand dictates the prices. For example, the KLON can't cost more than $50 to make, probably even less, yet people sell them on ebay for $2000... "Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today." And you know what they say, guitar tone is not in the fingers, it's in the wallet hahaha BTW, I'm not sure if Cornish was Gilmour's tech, but he did work with him on his pedalboard, and also with Knopfler and Brian May.
  3. For what you get, EHX has good prices. Go check out Moog, Pete Cornish, AnalogMan, Eventide etc, and if you want to go full on face melting, check the price of the Centaur Klon. For the quality of the pedals and the variety of exotic sounds they offer, EHX's prices are pretty good. What kind of price are you thinking about, <50€?
  4. Nice, you should record a demo of the whole board
  5. You can't expect decent prices from these brands, that's for sure. I don't think you can get fun/exotic/psychedelic pedals cheaper than EHX, as far as I know.
  6. Octavers, synth effects, choruses, envelope filters, flangers, phasers, ring modulators... Try Electro-harmonix, Pigtronix, ZVex, they have some crazy effects, that's all I can think of off the top of my head ehx microsynth is cool, pigtronix envelope phaser, ehx pog/hog, ibanez af2 flanger, ehx q-tron+, zvex ooh wah/tremorama/seek trem/seek wah/ringtone...
  7. I've always had my crybaby after the OD pedals, it has a much smoother sweep that way. Whenever I tried it in front of my OD pedals, it resulted in a lot of toes-down, a lot of heel-down and just a tiny bit of in-between, with a prominent transition sound.
  8. "You're looking down at me, I'd rather stay below"
  9. You could also go to a carpenter and have him build a custom pedalboard out of plywood. You'll probably get it a lot cheaper than a pedaltrain, although those are quite sexy. The biggest advantage of having a custom board is that everything fits the way you want it to fit, cables can be hidden, power supplies, too. It's a bit cheaper and takes only a bit of planning & thinking to get it to be quite simple to setup. That's just my opinion Though, if I had the money, I'd go with the Bob Bradshaw's CAE midi foot controller, it's a beast
  10. Nice pedals MichaelK +1 on that, there are waaaay too many pedals to choose from, it's hard to stick with one setup. Oh and the plexi is definitely a must-have, such a great amp!
  11. You're not boring, don't worry, I reeeeeeeally like to geek out on gear, but there's just not enough info.. Some guitar players are quite open about their gear, some are just not that into sharing those details for some reason. Cranked amps are surely a part of it, bedroom levels can never get you the entire EQ range. Vintage strats are nice and warm "by default", not so sterile like newer guitars. But I can't say anything for sure.
  12. Let me quote a VintageGuitar interview, just for reference: ...My main Strat is a sunburst ’62, my second favorite is a sunburst ’57 (Ed. Note: appointments suggest the Strat is actually a ’55), and my third is a red ’61. It’s interesting, the relationship between the tone when you play an electric guitar acoustically and when you play through an amp. There’s definitely a correlation between how it sounds acoustically and how it sounds through the amp. That’s my fattest-sounding guitar, acoustically and plugged in. Have you kept the original pickups in your Strats? I would like to, but they do eventually need to be changed. On my ['55], I bought it with an expert who insisted we open it up to see if the pickups were original. He and the people at the store all thought that they were original. Then years later we found out that they were Seymour Duncan Vintage Strat pickups. They are so similar to the originals that it’s hard to tell the difference in sound. I had my ’62, which has the original pickups, and then I had the ['55] with the Duncans, and the sound was very similar. The differences had more to do with the guitars than the pickups. Eventually, I had to get Duncans in the ’62, as well. The '61 fiesta red isn't mentioned in the pickup question, it is most likely to have Duncans, just to make the output more equal, as 52 year old pickups would have significantly less output compared to the new reproduction ones, due to demagnetizing. Otherwise it's pretty standard I'd say. There's no proof to it, at least not that I know of, it's just a guess.
  13. Well, I am aware that it's to my disadvantage, but I just can't go against myself, too cheap=not good for me. That's not something I force to people GO BUY THAT EXPENSIVE SHIT, that's just something to make my own wallet a bit sad. Not sure about DOD being the best chorus though, but I do have to agree there are some ok pedals for a low price, but I've yet to find a pedal for under 50€ that blows my mind EDIT: about DOD being the best for the money, I have to agree with that haha, I missed the best-bang-for-your-buck part
  14. Well, most of my pedals are tbp, yet I have no signal loss, no frequencies cut. Maybe an oscilloscope would show some loss, but I like what I hear out of my speaker :DThere are way too many OD pedals to choose from... And I'd never buy a bad monkey or any harley benton for that matter, or a berhinger... Nothing against people who have those, don't get me wrong, I just can't imagine having any one of those on my board it's like a placebo effect for me, if it's too cheap it doesn't sound good
  15. Why are you not a fan of true bypass? Just curiousThe bass cut is the only reason I don't have a tubescreamer, I'm waiting for the green rhino, it's a TS808 with a 100Hz boost. It's all about the bass thud for me haha