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  1. GEOGLYPHS, GROUND FIGURES, OR INTAGLIOS I just found this photo of a signpost relating to geoglyphs in the southern desert of California! I am not certain that this type of ancient artwork was an inspiration although this many years after the album release it feels like an exciting and open ended addition to the discussion. The Colorado Desert contains the only known desert intaglios in North America. The intaglios are mostly located along the Colorado River. The Blythe Intaglios contain three human figures, two four-legged animal, and a spiral; although Harner (1953) reported two spirals. The largest human figure in the Blythe Intaglio group is 171 feet (52 m) long. Since it is difficult to view an entire figure from the ground, the intaglios are best viewed from the air. Sometimes there are stories that ancient people could have developed gliders that would ride air currents, and/or could have found trance methods to leave their bodies and view from above these artworks. Music could very likely have been such a method! It may not have been during the daytime, it could have been at times when persons were falling asleep but with moonlight, twilight or the earliest light from sunrise. I wish to say that it is fun and inspiring to think of the PBX back cover artwork as resembling an ancient intaglio artwork. This seems to be the largest human intaglio present there, it is currently within an enclosure! Also, there is an album by Yes, Tales From Topographic Oceans, which includes a geoglyph in the album artwork! "The Ancient: Giants Under The Sun" The Ancient probes still further into the past beyound the point of remembering. Here Steve's guitar is pivotal in sharpening reflection on the beauties and treasures of lost civilisations, Indian, Chinese, Central American, Atlantean. These and other people left an immense treasure of knowledge. I do think that overall the music and sound of PBX carries so much presence and connection; feeling immensely human and primordial and allowing listeners to become that way through playing the album!! All of John's music is able to be those ways for many people I feel and uniquely for each person, but for me PBX especially brings that openness of arranged creative music and sound to life in very unique, immense and lasting ways, similar to these ancient artworks lasting through eons and conveying unending amounts of ideas, by how they interact with people experiencing them!
  2. I decided to listen to about two of these recordings each month, it seems like a way to have something new in waves for a while. For this month i listened to Zone as well as Culminate from the Renoise tracks; Culminate does have many vocals!
  3. A speculative thought by me , based only on what other bands have done for 20th anniversary reissues: Stadium Arcadium demos incl. of Dani California could be released on a possible future expanded release of the album. Thank you Iva! I was uncertain about how i tried to explain it before and needed guidance!
  4. i refound this list, according to this, it is on one of the To record only water for ten days singles or EPs, but, as such it is not well known!
  5. this (Forever away) isn't only an instrumental but it is in the style of these songs and i have found a unique art video that goes well with it... just turn down the volume of the left video. there are untold numbers of this style of art video out there so a new thread may appear soon if there are others that match well with different songs!!
  6. These songs come to mind, and, in trying to find a way of sharing these with you, realizing someone has compiled these video artworks for them that i would not have expected would work but do approach the music halfway, the music is not overwhelmed or mixed too much with the film, it is more like two unique artworks nearby oneanother.
  7. Swahili Blonde: “This is me, this is what I’m capable of and it’s enough as is.” here is a new one! I am quite into what she is exploring with this record. It does not come up in most other artists' work, and the sound styles that Nicole comes up with are what makes it work especially well. When music feels too much like an exercise in proving anything at all, the helpful and always growing presences of communication, from person to person, and just abstract communication, can be overwhelmed. John is very good at this too; it is rare somehow, so we as people are in a good place to be finding other people who have the thought "hey let's do it this way, it feels just right, is timeless, is passionate and is inclusive, but it also comes naturally"
  8. There is something i came to post in this thread that fits here partially, but it is not an exact response per se. For something to be able to have an end, it is very similar to being something that can not end. To be finite is as exceptional as to not be finite. To respond directly, i think there is some parallels to the lyric from a song with different musical and mental moods, Wishing, where a similar lyric exists, Though one moment is shot in infinity's rounds, Now is the one time that anything happens here
  9. this is from a 1987 book The Ecstasy of Communication ... it describes much of what we are going through in the late 2000s and 2010s. From an emotional perspective and relating to curiosity it brings a lot of unique context to this song and possibly others on the album for me and maybe for you too.
  10. We forget that such a big part of music is what our minds are capable of adding to it. The particular way the human mind creates or hears music is half of what the music is. I like this quite a lot, it also helps explain why expansive interviews can be special, a big part of reading or hearing ideas about art and life is what our minds are capable of adding to it as well! I do think that John communicates in interviews in ways that are able to be experienced in this way. This helps us to intuitively do the same! Thank you for finding this, ChiliPat!
  11. A very encouraging and thoughtful discussion is here in this article. I think that anyone with any mindset could find this to be a helpful and insightful mini book about being a person that also includes more information about John's music!
  12. I can't tell if that is accurate or not, could the interviewer have heard the word incorrectly? Iva said for a while that she was worried something dangerous had happened to John that no one really knew had happened, so if this is accurate she will know what she was feeling was accurate, and everyone can be relieved he is ok now.
  13. It is helpful that someone asked Omar (Rodriguez Lopez) many years ago and he said that John was making music for himself then as well , to the point of a huge number of songs/recordings existing. Then John was able to have a lot to work with to create the albums. He at least knows how all of the released music fits into the larger ecosystem of what was being created, it would make sense to us too if we knew of it!
  14. Yes More about the project name is understood now I think; this project began in fact with him trying to trick/reteach his fingers. and this too is a rather unique layer to the name!
  15. A very interesting release day for what seems like another of the most unique musical and overall projects to happen!! After Below is very much a seed song, it is now one of my favorite pieces of music, i did not hear it openly at first... it seems like this whole collection might be like that! i need to find which record store may have it. John's approach is wonderfully able to have the changeling, skinwalker essence on many recent projects. There are many surface layers and by these surface layers there are these deep inner layers that are their own aspects, and they are cooperatively formed by the shapes of the many surface layers so we experience them as we might close our eyes and feel the fur (bark) of a tree , the ground. Sometimes I do think the Outsides album artwork references this... a family of grasses growing on the ground has an appearance that we often experience, and, it is still amazing, but to close your eyes and either hear these grasses moving in the wind or to feel with our hands it becomes something exceptionally different!