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  1. I just watched this - Is that situation a scene in the bible? Odd. Yet John ain't Jesus Christ contrary to what too many people say...
  2. This is a fairly simple song, yet I can't really figure it out. It starts with 8 measures kick, followed by the base line ( what a pun) As far as I know, the bass line goes like Bb-Bb-Db- | -Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Db Afterwards, the melodic chord changes go _roughly_ like F-F-Bb-Bb- | F-F-Bb-Bb- Ab-Ab-C-Db- | Ab-C-Db Is anyone willing to figure this song out? Shame on me, my failure in figuring this song out made it lose all its appeal...
  3. How do you like it guys? I've enjoyed it so much last summer. It's perfect music to work visually for my taste He's looking with a serious mine to me. Okay, enough off-topic
  4. I know this is a FAN forum but - don't you think his singing on Enclosure & PBX has become kind of arrogant? He's singing with his falsetto over and over from the throat, to prove he's a strong and tough guy. That's what it seems to me like - in no way grounded, humble or selfless. Listen to his singing on To Record Only Water for instance, these are the sounds of a guy who has been beat down and is more than wonderfully glad to be back and has a chance to sing. Even on Stadium Arcadium, with the exception of the intro of "Wet Sand" his singing is real laid back and honest. I think he's selling the lie of an illusion to us on his recent albums. What has become of grand Sir John Frusciante? A self-centered renessaince man with an ego up to the sky. He CAN sing, for sure, thats exactly why he's misusing his ability to show off. Do you feel the same? I'm angry at him! Come down from being rich wealthy and super to being sincere and making sensitive sincere music again...
  5. ...these are examples of what kind of music John COULD be doing, I know he's not the Durutti Column, nor Keiji Kondo, but just judging from John's musical knowledge, wisdom & abilities - being truthful to yourself. Sorry if this is a too personal post.
  6. Well, the lyrics are in the line of it (I'm happy hope you're happy too) so is the melody more or less... (I'm happy you're happy too) Plus, the song changes so drastically at that moment [in Run] that I think it's definately a nod to bowie. At least to me, I can understand the workflow of working on a song and suddenly another song comes to mind and you're making your own version of it.
  7. Wow thanks, Iva, that shot is very cool indeed (the JF-local-photo-library is growing)
  8. Such *#%x "Video not available in Germany" GEMA sucks d*c*s
  9. Time Is Nothing is a B-side of the "Going Inside"-Single
  10. this is from "From The Sounds Inside" Untitlled track, given a title by fans
  11. He's "quoting", so to say singing the same melody, as David Bowie in the Pre-Corus to Ashes to Ashes. [e.g. at 0:36] in your video to Run, it's at 0:48. So, not a sample, a (very) small cover so to say
  12. I had a dream last night about the most beautiful John Frusciante song ever made. It consisted of 3-5 sections, lasted about 9-11 minutes and doesn't exist. When I listened to "Same" on Outsides today I got some of the same feelings as in the dream. I remember thinking about how I could get this song sound like the best way possible, wanting to listen to it again, but then my mother came home and I woke up
  13. Yes! Thank you a lot, searched for it. Here's the link to the whole footage, in quite mediocre quality unfortunately http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1t5crd_red-hot-chili-peppers-hamburg-saturn-parkhausdach-2002_music
  14. Hi, me and a friend would've liked to see the rhcp concert they gave for viva zwei (viva plus) or maybe the regular viva or -maybe- even mtv, it was on top of a skyscraper and during the by the way era, in Germany, possibly? Do you know when the concert was, in which venue, on which tv channel and if there's a video recording of the whole thing somewhere? Thank you very much for your help! Greetings, Janis
  15. There's a melody quote from "Ashes to Ashes" by David Bowie, "I'm happy you're happy here". I think it's been pretty cool that John is playing with the influence of one of his favourite artists
  16. Kewl, thank you!
  17. Wow, thank you for the replys. At the moment I think I shouldn't, couldn't afford it but when I will a 303 is right at the top.
  18. aha, don't know about them yet. are they still up somewhere, to be heard? All I know of Swahili Blonde at the moment are the albums available online on neurotic yell, the ones you can buy and stream.
  19. Alright, thank you! It has some kind of wah-wah feel to it, is that a typical sound for the 303, some kind of mode? Aphex Twin uses it a lot on Syro. Cheers
  20. I have a question, what's the synthesizer used on "Sain", right after the beginning, after the first drum beats? Is it a TB-303? I can hear it on the Aphex Twin album Syro as well, for example right after the vocal intro in XMAS_EVET10 (thanaton3 mix) Or wouldn't it be the same? I think in fruity loops a synthesizer called 303ish sounds kind of the same. Cheers! And thanks.
  21. Hi, thought I'd share this with you Nicole is releasing a new album or EP as swahili blonde, this time without John https://www.presskit.to/deitiesindecline There's one song to be streamed via soundcloud, called "Discover Aurora" Cheers https://neuroticyellrecords.bandcamp.com/album/deities-in-decline
  22. John Frusciante: Enclosure, The Will To Death, Letur-Lefr RHCP: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Chad simply nails it here), Californication, Stadium Arcadium
  23. I don't think it's "Auf Wiedersehen". A leader sang.... it's not that as well but there's an an L and something.
  24. Cool list. I love the guitar solos on "Hey" by RHCP.<- not a solo song I agree, the solos of Forever Away are awesome, some of my favourite ones as well. I think the solo on the "A Samurai Workout"-titletheme-song where John did keyboards / drum machine is quite cool as well.