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  1. How do you like it? How does it compare to Renoise or Enclosure?
  2. To those worried about the change wherein it now says Buy, you can set your price to $0 and get it for free still. It's typical of bandcamp that you can pay what you want, so he probably just had it altered that you can essentially make a donation if you choose to do so. You can get the album for an exorbitant price, a reasonable price, or for free. Whatever you want.
  3. It's taken me till now to discover it, but wow - the title track is musically amazing! The guitar part and the overall synth arrangement is really haunting in a great way. I know there's pretty much no shot of this, but if there was an instrumental version (as there are of the b-sides), I would probably listen to it on repeat for about a week or two straight. For the album as a whole, I have to say, I'm not as taken with this as I was with Medieval Chamber. I think the music isn't very distinct from song to song, but even worse is I find the rapping a bit annoying. There's way fewer hooks and the one voice (I think Rugged Monk) is really kind of whiney sounding to me. On MC I didn't feel that way, but for this one I find myself not remember any of the raps even after repeated listens. But there are definitely moments of greatness on this album, rap-wise and especially music-wise. Still I'll be excited to hear the third album if that happens.
  4. It's not like they were talking about their music or John... I don't think that interview really needs to be documented on this thread.. I mean, holy shit, if ever there was a non-John-related story, that's the one.
  5. I could be wrong here, so somebody please correct me if so. But I'm pretty sure I heard something about how wide the groove is cut into the record has to do with the quality of the sound which would mean a thicker groove allows less sound to be carved into each side. If that's true, and if John employed that, perhaps he was going for a higher sound quality which required more vinyl space? And I don't usually buy vinyl records so I couldn't tell you how much they typically cost, but is 'Enclosure' more expensive than other records? And even if so, if the sound quality is higher, that's fair. I believe John charges differently for an mp3 than the hi-res digital format. Edit: I was thinking about it more and think I remembered that it's wider (or is it deeper?) grooves allow for more bass which is arguably a version of better sound quality. I mean the kick drum and bass instruments are pretty prominent on the album so that definitely would make sense.
  6. What I like best about 'Enclosure' is how you can hear it as the culmination of all his other electronic and atonal exploits. The ideas from 'Outsides' are there (such as the chromatic synth part during "Excuses" that comes in partway through), you can hear the frenetic changes in drum patterns, but they seem more focused and purposeful this time around (a feature that I had to acclimate to on PBX), and "Cinch" is definitely my favorite of his guitar solo songs since "Before The Beginning" as (despite probably being an improvisation) it feels the most structured of his solos. Again, the word I would use to apply to that song and this record in general is 'focused'. Hearing the musician making a discovery is often one of the coolest parts of making music, when they stumble on to rough ideas that are brilliant. But a lot can be said for when those ideas are polished and applied with precision and intention, and that's how I'd describe 'Enclosure' - that it's not him discovering the new ideas, but masterfully using the techniques he's already found. (Not that that implies there aren't new things on this album, there's plenty of new things)
  7. Fantastic news! And it's probably coming out pretty soon - the St Vincent record that is reviewed on the same page comes out next week so you'd assume within the next month or so it'd be out? Fingers crossed on that one. And I'm very happy to hear there's lots of guitar solos and lots of vocals. But then again, there's hardly any guitar on the Black Knights productions and that stuff is all great anyways, so I'd be open minded and give it a fair shot no matter what was on the recordings. I hope he puts up some descriptions / explanations on his site soon. Will be checking daily now!
  8. Yeah you're right about the pitch part because of where they place their voice - high up, deep down, or wherever - and that does have a lot to do with it. But it's kind of on the level where drums are pitched, but you don't really hear A's and F#s working together, but rather the general 'that drum was higher up than the last one' which only affects it because you don't tend to hum a drum beat (you might beat box it but that's different) the same way you don't hum a rap. With that said, the focal point for rap I suppose would be the lyrics but my taste has always been music first, lyrics second. No matter how good or bad the words are, if the musical elements of melody, rhythm, and harmony are good I don't generally care what the singing is. So as a result I prefer the rapping to be as interesting as possible on its own despite the fact that I'm not necessarily absorbing every word that comes out. This album is sucking me in more and more with each listen though for both the production and the rapping itself. There's a few moments on the album where the rapping lets me down, but then there's a few moments where the production doesn't suck me in either. However, those weak moments are FAR outnumbered by the strong moments pertaining to both the rapping and production.
  9. So it's Rugged Monk that does the whiney voice? Really it's only when he goes for that sort of sound that bugs me. It's not often but it does happen on more than one track. And personally I've always felt that with rap, you're forgoing melody and pitch, so the only thing you have to work with musically is the rhythm. Therefore a rapper should be extra inventive with the rhythms in order to keep my interest. There's tracks on here that both rappers pull that off and overall I'll call myself a fan of the whole thing. But it took a bit of warming up for me.
  10. I started off with this album thinking "the music is decent, but the rapping isn't really that great". And while I'm still not huge on the one rapper (not sure if it's Rugged Monk or Crisis) who sometimes makes his voice overly whiney on some songs ("Wayne Remix", I'm looking your way) every time I listen to the album I like it more. Highlights for me are currently "Keys To The Chastity Belt" (best rapping imo) and "Sword In Stone". I'm finding sounds, beats, melodies, and lyrics in each song that I'm getting attached to. Overall, I am officially a fan. Good stuff!
  11. John just put up another track on his website. This one is called "Liquid Sky".
  12. Head over to - he's posted a new song by the group he mentioned in the Billboard interview!
  13. Well, it arrived today. Happy Christmas in July indeed! My take on it after about 3 listens: "Shelf" is my favorite off it. Just unbelievable I say. It's got a lot of the "outside" stuff that is the concept of the record, but it also has a lot of really beautiful moments that are very sweet sounding and consonant. It really goes all over the place, has a very trippy sound, and includes some vocals which of course is always fantastic coming from Mr. Frusciante. "Breathiac" is very cool too but easily the most adventurous of the pieces. I like it for its chaos and just for being something very different than I've heard before. And then of course, "Same", the long guitar solo track, is very cool for the sheer amount of tearing it up a fretboard that it contains. I especially like the last 4 minutes or so of it when the guitar really gets very sonically adventurous with effects / treatments. Overall I'd say another excellent musical release from the man, the myth, the legend. A lot of people will probably complain about how experimental it is, but I look at it as once again John has showed me something new and very creative that I had no idea was out there. I see no need to compare it to his other work because how it stacks up to a very different sounding album like The Empyrean is about as pertinent as comparing it to a Beatles record - his albums are all done by him, but they really are apples and oranges amongst each other. I hope others enjoy it for being another new foray into John's imagination and dig it as much as I do!
  14. Where did you place your order? Through the link on John's site. The email is from that Top Spin company. It says it shipped yesterday and gives me a tracking number. However the tracking number doesn't have a link on it, and if I go on to the USPS website and enter it, it doesn't come up with anything. I'm kind of assuming there's an error here as it seems too early. But will be pretty stoked if it suddenly arrives within the next week! Of course if anyone else got a similar email, that may give it more credibility. Edit: I did also just check and see that my bank account has been charged by them which only happens when the order has shipped. I guess that's another positive sign!
  15. I'm in America and yesterday I received an email that said my order for the Outsides EP (just the CD as that's all I ordered) shipped on the 23rd (yesterday) and is meant to arrive within 7 days. Which is of course way earlier than expected. Anyone else get an email like that? Being that it's so early I feel like it's a mistake, though of course hope it isn't. It'd be nice to listen to this new music from John through a high quality CD as opposed to on YouTube a few weeks before the CD arrives.