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  1. 2007- 2008 trickfinger acid stuff 2007- 2009 empyrean 2009- 2011 renoise tracks + foregrow songs 2011- 2012 letur-lefr + pbx f.i.z. 2013 outsides 2013- 2014 enclosure + black knights - 3(2) albums 2014- 2016 ??? for his own pleasures + various collaborations.............great evolution!!!..... - I'm so curious on whats going to come
  3. this is a great interview, really interesting, and it surprised me that he admitted for being on PCP right around the time he left the peppers!
  4. in one of his latest interviews, he said that renoise is his main daw
  5. thank you!, I knew i could count on my fellow jf nerds
  6. does anybody remember which fripp song sounds similar to the enough of me solo?
  7. sorry i don't get what u try to explain, could u please try again, sorry
  8. hey Iva can you tell me where I can find the interview where he talks about christian fennesz?
  9. the album is completely amazing! A masterpiece once again plus johnnyboy definately reached new heights with this!!
  10. well, here is the link: somebody is talking about it on the bottom of the page Thank you
  11. someone on the site mentioned a new audio interview with john, which is supposed to be 10 times longer than the bilboard one - -is that true,and if, and where can i find it ?
  12. in a german mag omar says that john is workin on somthing epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. hey, there have been 3 neu! shows in august already and I was wondering if anyone knows if john was a part of the band? I'm going to see them live in hamburg (dockville) in 3 days, and right now I'm still hoping that Mr.F is in the boat! please tell me if you know anything about it, or if you're also going to see them in hamburg, thanks
  14. of course it is, but initially i thought it could have been some kind of band projet that i don't know about. thanks for the info ;)/>
  15. just found that one, does anybody know something about it?