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  1. Here it sounds as close as possible to my PDS 1002
  2. He used it for Californication intros in 2006 and some outro jams. I have it and this is purely the best tremolo you can buy in my opinion. Only the Watkins Dominator amp tremolo can beat it in my opinion.
  3. Xmas 2016 with Linda Ramone @lindaramone
  4. Well, the wah pot isn't exactly the same and I can only tell from my own experience (I own the original vintage WH10s (gray and black), a WF10 and the reissue from Ibanez).
  5. Way better - the plastic housing sucks tho. It sounds also a bit deeper and more quacky than the reissue. If you want a solid and good sounding JF-like wah buy the Dimebag Crybaby, he also used that one on Stadium Arcadium (but it's fucking ugly). It has quite the same pedal range as the WH10 and it sounds really decent. You can also just buy a Wilson Effects modded WH10 or his Ten Spot Wah (WH10 clone). You could also send Wilson your WH10 so he can mod it.
  6. I guess you have the reissue version of the Ibanez WH10? The bypass of this pedal is horrible, it sucks all the treble and life out of your sound. Mod it to true bypass or put it into a loop to avoid the tone suck. And yeah, humbuckers won't really help if you want that Strat-y singlecoil sound.
  7. John used a Silver Jubilee and a Major in a stereo setting and another Silver Jubilee for his Gibson Les Paul Custom/Gretsch White Falcon. Instead the single Silver Jubilee he also used a Fender Blackface Showman (1998 - 2000) and a JCM 2000 DSL 100 (2001).
  8. Hi! 1) Work with your volume knob on your guitar. 10 = dirty, 7 or 6 = clean 2) Set your Crate completely clean and boost the signal with a TubeScreamer or any other Booster. Good luck.
  9. It's his Digitech PDS with the same setting he uses for the TAYT delay.
  10. That's what I thought, too. The five songs you pointed out should be about right.
  11. ^ Jack is right, the picture was taken Januar 26, 2016
  12. Hi Michelle! Nice to have you around. Here you go: SURROGATE PEOPLE Surrogate people they walk on by, they walk on by When they replace you They live your life, they live your life Surrogate people they walk on by, they walk on by When they replace you They live your life, they live your life Surrogate people they walk on by, they walk on by When they replace you They steal your life, they steal your life
  13. Got my silver vinyl totally unexpected today!
  14. To make a new Muff sounding that smooth you just have to boost it with a TS. The nowadays build Muff's just sound too crunchy/sandy for my taste. I remember that John used an early 90s Muff on his pedalboard since BTW.
  15. ^ Would you please link a source if you post a picture you didn't take yourself Moog? Oh and I will leave this one here: © Danny J. Flores