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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing, this is one of my favorite JF tracks. Nice to hear what he has considered for the vocals...
  2. I do care for quality, and I like my 45 rpm Radiohead 2xLP In Rainbows for instance. Still, 2 LP's for 35 minutes of music is kinda overdoing it. Call me lazy, but I just keep turning the record...
  3. I got my copy at a local record store yesterday. It's nice... Don't get why it's on double vinyl though...
  4. Thanks for the Vesiou link! I like it!
  5. You know what I'm expecting you to do today, right? DO NOT FAIL THE TRADITION. ;)

  6. Thanks Chili Pat, That was a nice read. The guy is saying some good shit about guitar playing and what being good at guitar playing can imply. Hereby I dedicade my 100th post to John and his new album, I'm looking forward to it!
  7. Sorry for misquoting you there Iva, it was Leather McWhip ho made that remark about chamber music.
  8. Let's hope so! I mean, this phase is interessting enough, but two albums and two EP's is enough to see what he can do in this style imho. And I looooove the anticipation on the new direction he will go into! Is it, as Iva suggested on at ease, chamber music? Is it country? Metal? But seriously, I don't care where he goes 'cause I always seem to love what he does anyway; immediately or after several years (as was the case with TROWFTD).
  9. Great news! I Like Scratch, but will be listening all day to get a more funded opinion on the track. posted the tracklist: 1. Shining Desert 2. Sleep 3. Run 4. Stage 5. Fanfare 6. Cinch 7. Zone 8. Crowded 9. Excuses So Scratch is a bonus track!
  10. Ha! Thanks very much, yeah, I'm really fond of that font....
  11. Anyone knows what fond is used? I like the cover. At first glance it was better though, then I saw the relative simpleness of the grass in John's silouette. The overall feel is good though, because of fond and colour
  12. Wet dream for me. One of my favorite movies ever. I hope someday some more stuff will be released, I mean they must have hours and hours of that. I certainly would like to see some footage of John recording Niandra Lades at night... Thanks for posting this!
  13. Great news! Wasn't a big fan of PBX, but I was of Letur, so I'm really curious to know what he's got for us this time...
  14. Oh man, I bought all the vinyls back in 2004/2005 and now he's releasing them on 180 grams with hi-res digital downloads.... I just can not buy them again! ... ... Can I? BTW. great news for those who haven't had a chance to buy them before.... There're so cool to spin!
  15. I agree with you, it makes sense to me to have threads for each song. I'll start with them right now, but if someone else wants to help, that would be cool (just start at the end of the album :)/> ) Thanks a doubt, for making the threads. I was away for some time and I'm not sure if I can find the time to listen to the album very soon. I will be back though...