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  1. Yes. As I remember, he's been talking about the "NY songs" during his solo concert back in 2001 (someone in the audience asked him to perform Nigger Song or Enter a Uh, and he just said that he couldn't remember any of the songs that he had recorded in New York...or something like that).
  2. Glad to know that I'm not the only one thinking this way.
  3. Hi there. Can anyone tell me where this photo is from ('cause I've been told it's a recent one)? Thanks.
  4. You know, I've already bought a ticket for The Mars Volta show to see John drumming...HOW COULD YOU...!?!! :fryingpan:/>
  5. I just wonder when the official site is gonna give us some update on the current situation in the band. :frustrated:/>
  6. Well, I don't think John is going to quit the band right now. They already announced multiple times that "RHCP is back in the studio recording stuff", which undoubtedly means that John is there too. That would be nonsense for them to say if John's participation in the process was questioned. I can't read John's thoughts so I don't have a clue if he really wants to quit, and if so, what could be the main reason, and all these talks about that lead nowhere. As long as we don't know the situation, we can only fantasize. I won't be surprised if it turns out that John has never actually planned on leaving the Chilis. :rolleyes:/>
  7. From Niandra album, for example: Untitled #8 is underrated. Maybe because it seems "too weird" or whatever. Just like Running away into you. Your Pussy..., on the other side, is way too overrated. IMHO
  8. John: Next time you say that I'm gonna quit this :censored:/> band that I hate so much, I'm gonna kick ur butt!!! Chad: :blink:/> Ok...
  9. Thank you for the welcome, Iva. Yeah, I remember the transcript you're talking about, it was a harsh read (all those "umm", "uh", "eh" between every 4 words and stuff :rolleyes:/> ) But I believe, there was a text file, which was also a part of the Q&A (NOT a transcript of the audio interview) where he talks about his current favourite bands and records, how "mainstream sucks" and such...
  10. One Hot Minute is my favourite post-BSSM album. I find it heavy, energetic and, well, Dave Navarro is a great guitarist, whether you like him or not. I wish the Peppers could make an album as unique nowadays, though it's pretty unlikely. I mean, I do listen to their last record, but... :glare:/>
  11. It is from the 2004 Q&A for sure. On the old official site, there used to be a Word document containing a small written part of this interview (about 2 pages). I believe that's where he talks about Tool. I used to have it long ago, but now I can't find it anywhere, including i-m.net... If somebody could give me a link, or upload it, it would be appreciated.