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  1. I know this album is under a different label but has anyone heard about a 'bonus tracks' release?
  2. I thought I read somewhere that 'One More Of Me' was slowed down so his voice would sound lower? Can anyone verify this?
  3. I agree with Chili Pat about the singing but I also think maybe just a little more time with the song and it'll be really good. I'm glad you posted a vid and that this song is getting some circulation. Good job Agent001.
  4. Sure, hop aboard! ;-) Wow, I didn't know that Live in Hyde Park was even attempted for vinyl. And you said that it was scrapped due to errors but were there a few made that were fine or was the whole project scrapped before any were distributed??
  5. Ha, Ha, "stupid younger me!", that was funny but I'm the same way man. Vinyl seems to be all I want to listen to and acquire now. And I agree with you about the gouging prices. I was hoping no one would buy from 'pizzaface' but there were 3 bids and it sold for $80. sucks!
  6. Cool deal... I'm interested to see what you've got. Well, if we get the okay.
  7. Are these the multi-tracks from GarageBand/GuitarHero? If it's not studio quality... what's it like??
  8. ..

    This really bothers me. The whole time I thought it was John that wrote the guitar part... it sounds a lot like something he would do. And the N.A.S.A. track sounds very much the same to the original. If they just used John's name, in the attempt that no one would find this, to sell records really pisses me off. But RZA and John are friends, so it makes it more unlikely that he didn't have a part. I wonder if he recorded the guitar, and N.A.S.A. recorded all the other tracks keeping it spot on. Sorry if this post is all over the place, I just feel duped and am not happy about it.
  9. ..

    Does the 'N.A.S.A.' booklet say anything about this, or credit the original???? Anyone have it and would they mind checking?
  10. Wow, really good job man. A few times I felt there was some timing issues and the lead guitar was a little too safe, or clean, in terms of playing; but in no way am I saying you don't have skills because you really did an awesome job.
  11. Hey, have you figured out the end progression... during 'You Don't Say'?? Thanks.
  12. Yeah it's a great song to learn... haven't gotten around to finishing the last of it but if you have any new insight, especially with the lyrics, please post. Have fun with it.
  13. Oh well lyrics please... it's just hard to hear and I was wanting another set of ears to try and figure out what he's say, especially the falsetto. Thanks And I've got the tab for most of it... finally the synth part - Ebm 11th position, Gb 9th position, Db 9th position, then after three runs it ends on Ab 11th position; arppegeated (sorry don't know how to spell) chords I------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I---------------------------------------------------7--------------------------I I-----------8-------------------8----------------6-----6--------------6--------I I--------8-----8-------------8-----8----------8-----------8--------6-----6-----I I-----9-----------9-------9-----------9----9--------------------8-----------8--I I--11-----------------11-------------------------------------9-----------------I Ebm Gb Db
  14. Anybody???? Is no one interested in this song?
  15. I play the basic rhythm- C#m in 9th position, second chord sounds like E to me, A and than B... so C#m, E, A, B I did have part of the later solo tabbed but then it gets to scattered for me... At 10:12 I----------------------------------------------14-14--14P12-14---14B15---12-14P12------I I--12-14-14-12H14-14----17-16---14----14P12----------------------------------------14--I I-------------------------------------------13-----------------------------------------I I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I--14B15-14-12-14P12-14----14B15-14-12-14P12------------12--------------12P9-----------I I--------------------------------------------14---12H14---14---10P9-10-----------------I I----------------------------------------------------------------------------11P9-11---I I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I--12P9---------12P9-9----------I I-------10P9-10-----------------I I----------------------11P9-11--I I-------------------------------I I-------------------------------I I-------------------------------I Hope that helps. Later.