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  1. Really honest and sad at the same time imo
  3. It's not the needle I listen to LPs alsmost every day and everything else was fine
  4. anyone has the vinyl? got one,listened to it: the kick in the 1st songs distorts most of the time and it's also skipping BUMMER I am afraid to buy a new one when it might be a (European) pressing error....
  5. for germans it's always good to check jpc or
  7. Well,Johns style on his latest records,enough of me and his solo on Animal Bar... (Fripp's solo starts @ 6:09)
  8. if he really cares about the quality of the vinyl release he should use 45 pressings...2LP would make much more sense and the quality would be closer to the "master tapes"
  9. PM for a link to the full album? I've found one but that one doesn't work because the site wants you to answer some questions,looks like spam EDIT:Nevermind,I've found the link
  10. Yamaha SA 1200S-->Korg Tuner-->Boss Ds2-->Earth Quaker Devices Hoof Fuzz-->Wilson Ten Spot II-->Boss DD5-->MicroSynth-->Pigtronix Envelope Phaser-->Small Clone-->Deluxe Electric Mistress-->Tech 21 Boost Reverb-->Empress Vintage Modified Super Delay-->Ring Thing(-->Moog Murf-->) Vox AC30CC2 Unfortunately my taste in music and sounds is changing all the time so I kinda really dislike the Vox nowadays.I bought it when I was mainly a "strat-player" I actually prefer my little Fender vibro champ xd ^^ I don't really use the murf that much in a live setting but more to manipulate tracks I already recorded. I also have a crybaby and a tech 21 boost delay but now that I have the empress delay I don't need any other delay.The DD5 is just there for little loops that I can manipulate with the synth or ring modulator ^^
  11. I think john still uses the murf on a lot of things (pbx guitars and drums and on same) well at least you could get those sounds with a murf,not sure if he used else though...
  12. It could also be a Moogerfooger Mf 105...
  13. I would call it family but...whatever! I think Iva will do the job if she gets some time. It once was a family with Iva being our dear, warm and interested mother... Unfortunately she now has a kind of regime build around her,it's not her fault, though.
  14. I would say it's not slowed down because the start "Now..." of the song sounds like someone singing a low note which is actually not his range,it's not big sounding but really....strained if you know what I (could) mean. Like,I could also reach that note although it's out of my range but I couldn't sing it out loud (well another thing would be alcohol influence or a cold which helps hitting looow notes ). The thick sounding timbre is just some kind of "exaggerating" the way a classical trained (opera) singer would do IMO It's definitely not impossible for John,what he did on the actual record will be a secret of course..