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  1. Solved: Works fine if I put the WAH after the delay
  2. If i put the WH10(V2) before the delay, the sound is a distorted s**t. I guess it is because of the volume boost.
  3. Thanks for reply! It sound like that I added some reverb to the delay. I checked on tube, but all is recorded with pc directly, not with amp.
  4. And can you tell me that all delays has an echo? I bought a Digitech pds 20/20 delay/chorus/flanger, but the delay has an echo in every settins. I don't know that is it malfunction or normal.
  5. When did John use this pedal?!
  6. What's the difference between the one of has DOD letters in the pedal, and one of has no DOD letters in the pedal?
  7. Oh, Nice collection!
  8. I think, true bypass mod will be the only way for me. "It sounds also a bit deeper and more quacky than the reissue." Isn't they said that the reissue will be the same electrical sematics? But I think too that the original has a more deeper "wah" sound.
  9. Yeah, I have the reissue... The original is better?
  10. Thank you for your reply! Now I have this setting on my amp: Treble 10 Mid: 4 Bass 4, but the WH10 kills the treble. I have a BOSS CE-20 too, and if I put it before the WH10 it sounds better, but not perfect. The another problem should be that my guitar have humbucker pickups.
  11. My first question is: How can I reach the sound of JF. I have a Fender 212r amp which has transistor. I can make great sound with drive channel, low drive, and volume potmeter is down in my guitar. Then it gives me a clean sound, but with hard picking it goes to overdrive. It would be great but i can't use my full volume. Can i do this with an effect pedal? Second: The WH10 cuts a lots of treble. How can JF's guitar tone is so sharp?
  12. Please can you tab me the first solo? Starts at 2:06 Thank you!
  13. I just got that idea from John. He uses 3 amps or am I wrong? 1 Silver Jubilee and 2 Marshall Majors.
  14. I can use 2 amps with stereo chorus, but what if I want to use 3 or 4 amps?
  15. Hey! http://www.pedalarea.com/chorus_ensemble.htm I just read reviews of boss chorus pedals, and find this (riff?). And yeah, It sounds really cool. Listen it with chorus, far better.