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  1. Was that the way you bought it or it happened over time? Did you open it up to check whether something inside is broken or not in place?
  2. I remeber that I first taught myslef to play it one way and then I saw in RHCP concert and figured out that John played it with alternate picking and thus I realised this way is much much easier and sounds right. Josh on the other hand doesn't play it with alternate picking and he sounds nowhere near to the recording. Just saying...
  3. To me it even sounds better! I ordered the pot I asked about in my previous post - http://www.musikding.de/Wah-Potentiometer-50k-lin-500k-lin . As I said the soldering was veeery tricky because of the endings that get soldered to the CB but was worth it.
  4. I replaced the pot. The soldering was such a pain in the ass because the ears of the pot that get soldered to the circuit board were different than the original and I had to come up with some tricks to make them fit to the CB. But it was worth it definately! It sounds now brand new and amazing!
  5. I've been listening a lot to three Captain Beefheart records in the past few weeks. I know John listened a lot to Captain Beefheart during the writing of Niandra and Blood Sugar and I can certainly here some influnce. Btw, is there a topic where one can post their like "top 20" or something records and explain we they like them and or recommend for others to hear them? Cause I kind of want to share to the rest of the people on the message board my favourite stuff I've ever listened to so far It would be nice
  6. Don't worry. Nobody can. I'll try and find some time to tab some things then. I'll be glad to help you out. I'll probably do it on Notepad or something although I have some cracked version of GP that I used a while ago to tab a live "Californication" solo for someone on the message board. But with Notepad will be quicker somehow for this song. So, I'll try to find some time by the end of the week. In the meantime if it helps you, it is good to know that the song is played with a guitar tuned down half a step. I think he says it in the video too. But you probably know this already
  7. This is sooo awesome! I've only listened to about 11-12 of those. I have to make sure I listen to them all
  8. Could you post another link? The one in the previous comments doesn't work
  9. i learned it a few months ago but i learn from listening.. I can try and tab it though. Can you recommend a good and easy to use program to write tabs on? Or how do you guys do them? Notepad? By the way, I've been listening a lot to 'master of reality' and 'Vol.4' by sabbath the past couple of months
  10. Hi, guys, My wh10v2 is now unplayable. Since it started scratching, I tried to spray it a few times and it seemed to work for a while. But recently the scratches became bigger and bigger and now it is nothing but scratch noise when i turn it on and spraying doesn't work. So I've decided to install a new pot. I've searched a bit for a replacement pot and I'm wondering now will this one do the work for example: http://www.musikding.de/Wah-Potentiometer-50k-lin-500k-lin ? I also found other suggestions on ebay and amazon like this one. I am not a technical guy so I decided before I buy it to first look for an answer from someone who is more technical or has experience with replacing the v2's pot, or that of any other wah. Any opinion is appreciated
  11. tone is in the fingers...
  12. Actually I also have a Crybaby 95Q which is basically I think a GCB95 with an addition boost control and a Q-control (for sweep) and it sounds indeed amazing when i play Cream's Tale Of Brave Ulysses for example ...but to my ears it can't compare to my V2 even when both boost and Q controls are maxed out and now I need to sell it cause I just don't play it... Still, the 95Q I think sounds amazing... In the end, it is all subjective and the advice I can give is to try the V2, the Crybaby and the Vox and see which one suits your ears the most before you spend your money.
  13. My humble opinion: 1. The volume boost IS the point of the V2 as well as the original wh10. If you still think it is louder than you need just roll off the depth knob (because I think it really should be called 'level' or 'gain' knob). 2. The V2 and DS2 should be married. In my opinion the sound awesome together. 3. Yes, the pot quickly gets dusty and starts scratching which is really annoying indeed but i managed to resolve this issue thanks to the guys on this very message board (special thanks to Chili_Pat ) - I got the Reiniger 601 Kontakt Chemie cleaner and sprayed the pot from both sides and the scratches disappeared. You can spray it once in a while just as a precaution as I do now. Doesn't take more than 5 minutes. 4. The tone suck that one gets when the V2 is off to me is just signal loss. Just turn up the volume of your amp or guitar and it'll be ok.. 5. I haven't tried the Wilson Wah. I'm sure it is great if everyone recommends it.
  14. I thought about that too...and it made me hope that he would bring a band together and play songs off 'The Empyrean'...and still hoping..
  15. It's his wah :)/>
  16. I see Chili_Pat managed to open the file and exported it as an image file :)/> I just now realized that my Guitar Pro program (v.5.1) is cracked and I have a key generator so it does not ask me to buy it.. I remember the last time I was using it was to play Stadium Arcadium along the bass and drums tracks..but it was a while ago so I thought the program was free... If you want I can send you the keygen file so that you can open the tab in GP...You'll see that it would be easier to see where the notes come... But above all I recommend next time you figure it out by yourself...It may hard at first but after some time you'll be astonished that you were once wasting time reading tabs..
  17. http://www.mediafire.com/?ky8735stgzduxu8 The tab is in the link above (there will be ads /sorry/ when you click the link cause I use a free account in mediafire.com). I used Guitar Pro 5, so the tab is in a .gp5 file...This version of GP is the one i had installed on my PC...There might me newer versions of GP but I haven't used this program in more than 2 years perhaps. Still newer versions should be able to open this file... Feel free to ask any questions and tell me what you think :)/>
  18. Sorry if I sounded sarcastic or anything...didn't mean it..I just thought AK's dance during the solo is hilarious :)/> I'll try to tab it if I find time during he weekend...Do you have GuitarPro installed on your computer?...I learn by ear and I cannot understand how you'll make sense of all the numbers on the tab without some reference...So a GuitarPro file contains the tab numbers and notations for the guitar but it also has drums and bass tracks and you'll be able to play them all...
  19. I guess nobody has ever tabbed that solo...that's why you can't find it... You can request that somebody on this forum tab it for you... I would...if you taught me the moves of AK's dance during that solo :)/>
  20. I think he has used the technique of both speeding the tape up and slowing it down to record vocal and guitar harmonies a lot... You can clearly hear it on RHCP's 'I'll be your domino' in the 3rd verse around 2:00 where he sings both 'manly'-low and 'childishly'-high vocals :)/> And it's so cool how these parts go together!
  21. He already did this :)/>http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bNcRedtJyRI#t=1752s
  22. Thanks man! :)/> And I was going to get the same exact contact spray too. So it is nice that you recommend it...
  23. I took a photo of my wh10v2 with the back plate off: And as you can see there is the pot for the wah depth control (the round thing in the center). Is that the pot that should be sprayed and if yes, should the cleaning spray be applied to the opening that I've circled in red? And if that is not the pot that should be sprayed (and I guess it's not cause I think there should be another one for controlling the sweep when you rock the pedal back and forth, but I may be wrong), how do I get to it, because I can't see no other pots? I'm just afraid to take the circuit board off cause I'm not a technician and I fear I may damage something.
  24. ...the 000-15 model...
  25. Loud? You mean that you wanna play gigs with it? Cause, otherwise you don't need amplification for an acoustic if you play at home. You can still amplify it by installing pick-ups in it and plugging it into an amplifier like John did (and hopefully will do again some day) for his solo shows. Also you can always grab your acoustic and play on the streets :)/> Believe me, a martin is a good investment. I own one.