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  1. Its definitley not the fm4.. It sounds like an effect he did in the studio. Part massive feedback, part scratching the strings with a pick.
  2. I know this has been discussed before, but just to refrain because a lot of ppl are having issues with the wh10v2. Wilson effects makes a SPOT ON replica of the wh10, and it has even better functionality and build quality. Ever since I got it I took my wh10 off my board and use it only in the studio. To be honest, I like the ten spot II by wilson even more for shows because you can adjust the volume and the q level. Plus its in a die cast casing and is tougher than a cry baby. Plus I believe the price of a ten spot II is around the same, probably less than an original wh10.
  3. I think Tame Impala really hits the psychadelic sound on the head.. Listen to Innerspeaker.. Its primarily a lot of synth, and phaser/vibrato effects. Reverb too of course.. Amazing
  4. Not going to be listening to this record on the regular I think.. The only thing I like about the record is John improvising over the chord changes, something big in jazz.. THats about it.
  5. Yeah, I ended up getting an olympic white 63' jaguar. There are a few live videos floating around with John using the Jaguar. The knitting factory shows him playing while sitting the floor next to his synth gear. Josh Klinghoffer also bought a maroon colored one and he used it on the latest Dot Hacker tour.
  6. If you have to ask, you'll never know
  7. Performing music from his new EP Outsides!
  8. Nice to have a simple repeating progression and pick apart Johns noodling.
  9. The Japanese Boss pedals are all around better pedals. Especially the silver screw models. I'm not sure if John uses a silver screw ds-2, but the Japanese ones have higher quality parts. You can get close to his sound with a current taiwan build, but to get closer you need the Japanese or silver screw. They are worth the money if you are willing to pay for it.
  10. A Slab board? Or was it a veneer?
  11. John's ideas about the metaphysical essence of his music is not truly original to him. Read great philosophers like Schopenhaur and Nietzsche on their views on art, specifically music. Frusciante himself said he has read and was very interested in Schopenhaur, who surly influenced his views on music. Many great musicians agree that songs are best when they write themselves instead of forcing them. Many including myself believe that the songs themselves already exist somewhere else we can't perceive metaphysically until they are coming out of the harmonies we hum and whistle or the chords we form.
  12. Mexican pickups are actually not bad. Mexican strat pickups are very good and have the vintage sound to them, with low output which is nice. However, if your going for a hard sound, then by all means get the HH, but from experience, I don't really enjoy coil tapped humbuckers.
  13. A wet blanket? Maybe I don't want to know what that means
  14. I've never played one, but the idea of humbuckers are a huge put off. A jag should have singles. My 63 just wouldn't sound like a jaguar if it had humbuckers. Even with coil tap. I've had guitars with humbuckers w/ coil tap and they sound nothing like a true single coil even when coil tapped.