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  1. @thatawfuldynne @Sjorge3442 @joebuckshon I've only given it a go once through so far

  2. Does anybody in Bucks want to go to the Sanders rally today? I'm driving down and have extra spots.

  3. RT @astronautalis: I have said it once, and i will say it a thousand times: Low key AF, but the twin cities has the best music scene in Am…

  4. @sorierop is your dad Steve shive?

  5. RT @BobSaietta: This is the best conversation I've ever had on twitter dot com.

  6. Up super late, trying to stay awake while on the phone with her boyfriend.

  7. @Sjorge3442 thought about emailing you but I know you'll get a tweet too

  8. RT @lcdsoundsystem: this is happening: @PanoramaNYC

  9. RT @lcdsoundsystem: this is happening: @PanoramaNYC

  10. @brucegirl77 come to Jersey and see him with @gottshmel and I
  11. RT @perryfarrell: Scott Weiland wrote n sang songs about a life unrestrained. I'm sure he'd love it if you would listen to one right now. #…
  12. 💩
  13. RT @SamuelRGold: Face Mask? You tell me. #GBvsDET #Packers #Lions
  14. Russell Wilson isn't good
  15. Guess he isn't getting that Oscar