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  1. Thank you for this! Every time I tell someone about the Empyrean I spend so much time trying to locate these blog posts.
  2. my bet is on Janis' With Love
  3. John Frusciante1 hr · "Psalm 2 28" by Black Knights, produced by John Frusciante can be downloaded for free at Can't seem to find it just yet. Maybe still being uploaded or something checking out the soundcloud I found this instead
  4. BAAASTARRRDD SUUUNNN issss innnnn myyyy eyyyyyesss Magical vocal performance
  5. Rugged Monk‏@ruggedmonkStr8 westcoastin...#RuggedTuesday shout out a musical genius John Frusciante AKA Trickfingers
  6. Fodder On Her Wings Vic Chesnutt covered it very nicely and I know John will do it justice
  7. This song was recorded for my friend Wayne Forman, the coolest, kindest friend anybody could ever have. When I used to play in arenas I would often mentally aim my playing at him. Wayne loved long guitar solos, and he was my favorite person in the audience to play for. As everyone who knew him is well aware, he was also the best chef ever. When I saw him two days ago, he was laying in front of a CD player, so when I came home I decided I'd make something for him. I recorded this solo for him to hear, but I finished it a day too late, so now it is a tribute to his memory. It is what he would have wanted me to play for him, and it is my offering to his family and friends all over the world, as well as anybody else. Wayno lives in our hearts forever, the greatest guy anybody could ever know. I'm so lucky to have been graced by his friendship. All the love in the world to him. - John https://soundcloud.c...john-frusciante
  9. currently it is " you will always hear this sound *riff* "
  10. very interesting theory about the child, i can vibe with that.
  11. Yeah it might be a similar situation to "And I was screaming bloody murder// When the charges came" from Scratches
  12. Yes I hear "Growing up" edit: You can hear it here also:
  13. I dont have anything to show for it other than research lol But I am tryin to put vocals through a distortion plugin, then add a filter to harmonize it a bit. I am getting a harmonic distortion but I wish i had the original backup vocal harmonies from Scratches and Desecration Smile to see how close I can get to replicating that sound. These random vocals I am testing things out with just aren't cutting it. I am also not sure if in Scratches, it is more than just one voice doing the oohs. Either way, I can tell that the effect is a harmonic distortion of some sort, now the question is if I can make things sound harmonically distorted yet remain warm sounding like in the two songs I mentioned. If I make any further headway I will post my findings, but I really think you might have a better hand at this than me so maybe if you can look into it with me. Here is a video demonstrating a harmonic distortion pedal.
  14. update For those who are interested in this, my latest findings point me to "Tape Harmonic Distortion"
  15. The vocal effect + melody in Hear Say reminds me a lot of the eerie feel of this song for vic chesnutt