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    I love guitar, There is nothing else in the world I would rather do than play guitar and listen to John Frusciante (who is my favourite guitarist/musician). My favourite album by John Frusciante is Shadows Collide With People and my favourite from Red Hot Chili Peppers is... well all of them are good (mainly the ones that have Frusciante in them).

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  1. Well aren't you just amazing Thank you!
  2. I honestly couldn't thank you enough! It made perfect sense to me and thank you
  3. I was listening to "Song To The Siren" on Frusciante's "The Empyrean" album and I learned it off by ear and then I tried to play along with the original and the song was of a completely different key (original is D major and cover is C minor). So I wrote down both scales with the individual degrees (I, ii, iii, IV, V etc.) and I'm trying to make sense of how Frusciante changed a major song into a minor without it sounding completely different (You have to admit, he has managed to keep it sounding like the original in a way). I've also had the same problem with Arctic Monkeys' cover of Tame Impala's "Feels Like We're Only Going Backwards" but that cover's theory is slightly different. Can someone help me to understand this concept and also leave some suggestions of what songs I should cover by using this method, please and thank you.
  4. I honestly can't see myself doing anything other than playing music whether it's in a bar or pub, studio or maybe somewhere greater. I would love to be the person living that lifestyle, just making and playing music is all I want to do. I definitely do see myself being a musician and I do believe a masters degree can get me there. My relationship with music is strong, I take my music seriously and personally. I play multiple instruments and I plan on learning more, so that way, I won't have to rely on other musicians (As John Frusciante explained in one of his recent interviews). I spend a good 2-4 hours a day playing guitar when I'm not at school and sometimes on weekends or holidays I can play up 12 hours a day. As for what I was worried about with theory, that has since passed and I now realize how ridiculous it sounds. Of course music theory isn't going to make me less experimental, if anything it will allow me to break the rules and try to come up with something new. John Frusciante comes up with new ideas all of the time (and sometimes brings back old ideas or other people's ideas and work with them). If he can do that, why can't I? The answer is I can do it. Also, thank you for the comments on theory and creativity.
  5. I'm an Australian teenager (16 years old if you must know), and I'm thinking about studying music at University. I would like to get my Master's degree but I'm unsure of whether that's the right choice for me. I'm stressing myself out over the possible outcomes... Although they're all good outcomes, I just feel like I'm asking for too much, you know? I don't want to learn too much theory because I feel like I would try to stick to the rules (because that's the type of person that I am), and that I will lose my experimental side of things... I could really use some help and advice. Also, if anyone knows of any (good) musicians who have gotten their Master's degree I would love to hear about it, Thank you.
  6. Like most people I play guitar (electric and acoustic) I also play other instruments like bass keyboard/piano but that's not important. My first RHCP song was Californication and my first Frusciante song was The Past Recedes (I felt like a legend when I learned to play those). My favorite RHCP song to play would probably be Funky Monks but it always changes for me and at the moment my favorite Frusciante song to play is My Smile Is A Rifle.
  7. I'm pretty excited for this new EP. when I first heard about it I didn't believe it and then it just kept on coming up and it just got me even excited. When I listened to SOL I will admit I was thrown off a bit, but I have since learned to love it. I like to think that the people who hate it aren't musically evolved up to the point where most of us are, it's either that or they're not real Frusciante fans. Also the information john writes on his blog along with the announcement of outsides has inspired me to learn new techniques in music and it makes me hear things differently but all of his albums do that to me. I still get that chill down my spine when I listen to his music as much now as I did ten years ago and that's one of the reasons why he's so great. I doubt Outsides will fail to impress me.
  8. ..

    The Smiths - Barbarism Begins At Home
  9. ..

    The Strokes - Welcome To Japan
  10. Get a good vocal coach! I know this might sound like a half-assed answer, but actually this is exactly what John did.Between recording Californication and By The Way, around the same time John's voice started to improve exponentially he started taking lessons from no other than Ron Anderson. Ron Anderson is pretty much a legend, probably one of the best, if not the best vocal coach of all time. I'm not going into detail, look him up, really. He is responsible for 90% of the good vocal performances in the entire music industry. John recommended him to Cedric Bixler-Zavala around 2003 or 2004 and almost every Mars Volta fan out there will tell you how much Cedric improved vocally around the time. Without him there would be no decent recording of Anthony Kiedis singing. Taking lessons is really really helpful, if you want to learn something. Especially at a beginning stage. I'm sure there's a good vocal coach somewhere where you live. And good news for you, Ron has a youtube channel, where he gives a lot of advice :)/> www.youtube.com/user/VOIXTEK Thank you all :)/> I'm sure they'll all help (and yes I do know what you mean bosoq) and also Bobster your exercise helps but it makes me a bit lite headed but i wil get use to :D/> and again thank you :P/>
  11. I love how Frusciante sings and I would like to learn some exercises to clear my voice and reach high notes. can anyone help me? Please :D/>
  12. "A song to play when I'm Lonely Win and never play a game again No one to face when I'm falling Holding tight to dreams that never end." - Song To Sing When I'm Lonely
  13. Solo: I reckon Cut-Out has some pretty good vocals, it has a mix up of solo vocals and harmony with high and lows (yet all his songs do) but this one is very unique and intense and I think it's great. For Red Hot Chili Peppers: I think Quixtoicelixer has great backing vocals in the chorus and She Looks To Me. Live: By the way (Slane Castle), Under The Bridge (Slane Castle), Easily (Off The Map), Carvel (ATP).
  14. Just finished learning all of the songs from the Californication album, I just need to learn the b-sides and the bonus tracks and I'm done!