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  1. RT @SNFaizalKhamisa: 4-time Major Champions Ernie Els just 7-putt...from 2 feet out...on hole 1 at the Masters. Wow. https://t.co/Mdv8XYYYWf

  2. RT @robwhisman: @leyawn https://t.co/AfF3Haz3k1

  3. RT @jimpjorps: when your attempt at an own critically backfires https://t.co/6h7jCiZayN

  4. RT @tastefactory: When parents say to kids "go to ur room & think about what you've done" it's really good practice for what you'll do ever…

  5. great job https://t.co/370ieadqcr

  6. RT @bobby: when the boys are back in town https://t.co/Sn8OKz1iae

  7. @bokamotoESPN stinkface

  8. @bashfulcoward juicy rare pork, baby

  9. RT @leducviolet: SUSIE: Whadaya mean a little enema? There's no little with Crispin Glover! He's a madman. Jeff! JEFF: What, what! SUSIE: T…

  10. RT @GordonButterstx: @AnthonyCumia have fallen down the Corey Feldman youtube rabbit hole... here's a gem you might enjoy https://t.co/viuL…

  11. RT @nycguidovoice: [sits down somehow without bending at knee or hip] http://t.co/zgNcWbaxL3
  12. RT @haliiscool: I have been laughing at this Hamburger Helper knockoff for thirty minutes https://t.co/1lMd7iKLAr
  13. RT @Swell_Bro: yall gonna hate me for this but, I just found im lactose intolerant so I cant be sucking all of yalls titties anymore. sorry…
  14. This is an example of a profile comment. Posting comments on other users' profiles is a great way to make new friends or find musicians to work with.

  15. In case you missed it or understandably ignored it the first time: