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  1. Yeah I agree, I always thought this. One of my favourite Chi-pep songs in my opinion
  2. cool - thanks Iva for listing those! So it shows that John was still in favour with a lot of the songs on those albums (not that he shouldn't be), so seems odd that these albums would be neglected for vinyl reissues for reasons of him not liking the album. Perhaps it is a more interesting and sensible idea that there would be a Complete Niandra Sessions album reissue? With all of the stuff from that pre-BSSM, BSSM and BSSM-tour period. i.e. Niandra, the 2 cassette songs, Outside Space, and the leftovers on Smile. Now that would be inetresting...
  4. Let's promote conversations on here, not try to limit them. Back to the conversation: Yeah I agree maybe about the rights, but then John doesn't ever seem shy about his past and plays Niandra songs live so I don't see why a vinyl release of that would be out of the question. It has been re-released at least 3 times. Has John ever played any tracks from Smile live?
  5. so was there anything different about this? any different or longer edits?
  6. I agree, it's a weird choice, but good nonetheless to release this. I guess then it means all of his work post joining the chilis again has been released on vinyl. I wonder if he does view Niandra as his best work. I wonder if most people on here do too? I think it is, by a long shot - Niandra changed music for me
  7. Has he ever spoken about being in NY?
  8. I don't know if this has been done before, but in light of John's interesting breakdown of each track from Niandra, and going by this interview (, I wonder if we can work out which tracks he's talking about? Are the two from 1994 Enter a Uh and I May Know Again John? wikipedia says this: "More", "I Can't See Until I See Your Eyes", and "Estress" were recorded to a cassette on a boombox in 1996, which sounds about right.
  9. yeah that's really interesting. good find.
  10. The 6 in 6 albums all have great covers that really fit the music. Niandra of course has the most fitting artwork of any John release. Smile... is great as well. Shadows also was rich and visually exciting PBX and Leffur-Leftr strike me as being a little bit 'expected' and half-baked. As does Outsides. You would think if he was making 'out' music then the cover would be suitably experimental, rather than as someone rightly pointed out that it looks like a bad bit of school homework. TROWFTD was also terrible. And I mean terrible in that it really didn't fit the vibe of the music, looking like 1950s packaging design. But let's face it one doesn't expect RHCP's album and single artworks to be particularly considered or thematic. Getting Damian Hirst to do your album really says everything.
  11. bump. this must have some sort of source?
  12. This is an example of a profile comment. Posting comments on other users' profiles is a great way to make new friends or find musicians to work with.