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  1. Wow that's crazy! I guess today's polyurethane coatings really do blow nitrocellulose out of the water when it comes to durability, none of my guitars have worn like that but my acoustic and I've had some of them for years. I guess the years were rough on his guitars with all the travel and play. Pretty cool to see the difference.
  2. Awesome! I'd love to hear what you think, and if you're able to record it and upload it on youtube or soundcloud or whatever that'd be cool too!
  3. You're right that couldn't be from the mid 50's. But fun fact he never had his pickups replaced with duncan's, they were replaced with stock american fender strat pickups according to his old guitar tech. His guitar tech said John was mistaken about the duncans.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean, an echo as in a delay esque echo or more like reverb? All of those effects are time based so its quite possible it's some kind of malfunction. I would try listening to demos of it on YouTube.
  5. I believe it was purely live during the Stadium Arcadium that he used the pedal. I can't remember it being mentioned in anything about studio use. It may have been something he started using with The Mars Volta, I feel like I read something along those lines maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. If you have the cash to spare I don't see why you couldn't, but I'd personally at least wait until I tried any of the other wahs to see if it's even worth spending the extra money. Either way I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on whatever you end up buying.
  7. I havent had any problems with it, but it also rarely leaves the studio. Unless your problems were with the switching, than the modded one won't necessarily hold up any better than the regular v2.
  8. I bought a used version of his modded wah and I love it, the true bypass and volume knob make a huge difference compared to using a v2. However I believe the ten spot is almost identical and would have a warranty in place. Not to mention if you have had two v2s die in you in the past change might be a good thing. I've only heard good experiences with dealing with Wilson Effects as well. tl;dr I would recommend the Ten Spot as it's virtually the same thing in a more rugged modern enclosure.
  9. These are not the same guitar. He has two strats that look similar but the one in the first picture is his guitar from the mid 1950's and the other guitar is from 1962.
  10. This is a tough question to answer without ever using or knowing what any of your current gear sounds like. You might want something like a boss blues driver or maybe something like an EHX soul food, to give you a bit of grit to your sound when you roll up the volume on your guitar if that's what you think is missing from your sound. As for the second question you can try turning the treble up on your amp, if you're matching his amp settings with a totally different kind of amp you wont get the exact same results. Also if there is a bright switch on your amp that might help give the guitar some bite.
  11. Ok this one is pretty easy so here's roughly what i got, lots of reverb/long delay and is in A minor. e|---5--5---5--5--10/12--12--12--12--15/17--17--17--12--12--------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|--12h13p12---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------13/15--15b--15br--13--15-----------15b--15br--13--15--13--------------| G|--------------------------------------------------14----------------------------------14--14--14|
  12. While I personally can't imagine what kind of sound you need four amps for there are two ways you could easily solve this. You could get just a four way signal splitter like THIS or use three stereo pedals like a chorus (You would split the signal from the first pedal into each of the other stereo pedals giving you 4 outputs).
  13. Sounds like Dm-A#-F-Am to me. The chords I used and was able to easily play along with were these... Dm A# F Am E---5-----6----5----5 B---6-----6----6----5 G---7----7----5----5 D---7----8----7----7 A---5----8----8----7 E---x----6----x----5 Any riffing done in the song is easily done in this position and easy either just chord arpeggiation or use short minor scale runs. Sounded really cool, where is this from?
  14. Yea I overlooked that, I always do more of a slap thing rather then another muted strum, but you're totally right!
  15. This is likely because in the verses the guitar seems to be in 6/8 while everything else is in 4/4. This is called polymeter, similar to the beat in Led Zepplin's "Black Dog", every so many beats the two rhythms will meet up again. In the case of Charlie its every 12 beats that the rhythms should meet back up. So try counting your guitar rhythm in 6/8 and see if that helps, you should play the riff twice per measure.