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  1. Thank you , very gentleman! What position is TURBO (1 o 2)? I have got the last model of big muff , and I think that this sound is completely different than the old one pedal.The lastest big muff is more metallic sound
  2. Firts I want say thank you at all and I want say that my english is very terrible, sorry for this ! I know that this discussion is very old and it was asked for many time, but I continue to not understand two things: 1- How is the really setting connetion between Boss Ds-2 and Big muff, I believe that I tried all pedal position but I have the Boss Ds-2 that with ( low tone + 2° position is perfect sound solo like intro Slane Castle but there's not sense becouse the big muff in this way is unused) or ( hight tone + 2 position is good for the rythm , now If I want solo I have to use big muff but the problem is that the sound of big muff + ds2 is very noisy and poor and only big muff is horrible ! ) 2- Even if thank god, I will find the perfect configuration, how do I quickly jump from clean to ds2 + big muff and the opposite? there's some switch that John use ? Thank you , I'm glad for all of you !
  3. This is an example of a profile comment. Posting comments on other users' profiles is a great way to make new friends or find musicians to work with.