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  1. Everyone has to remember when someone's talking in an interview they're often trying to compartmentalise some very big experiences or feelings and boil them down to what is essentially a soundbite. Sometimes that can come off as being overly blasé or arrogant or whatever about the subject at hand. I have met Frusciante once and he was a humble, relaxed and quite surprised that people still have an interest in his earlier work. He didn't come off as arrogant or anything like that.
  2. I buy music on vinyl so I'm stoked it's come out. I already have the CD so it's a re-buy for me anyway. Besides, if this sells well we may see a reissue of Shadows etc. I bet it was a whole lot easier to get the rights to reissue this from Warner than it would be to get Frusciante to sign off on a reissue of Niandra or especially Smile.
  3. I'm so happy this is coming out. I got my preorder in and now I'm gonna be watching the calendar until next year. I wonder why it's so far out in the future? Maybe because they want to make sure it's sold out before going to press. Fingers crossed that if it sells out fast they'll move the release date forward. It could be a pressing issue. I know here in the UK there are still a few vinyl plants but there is only 2 places that actually make the lacquer masters so there's a backlog here.
  4. I got mine last week, after it had been delayed I'd forgotten it was coming until it arrived. I got the original as part of my Record Store Day haul. I was i there the other day and they actually still had a copy of it!!
  5. This is an example of a profile comment. Posting comments on other users' profiles is a great way to make new friends or find musicians to work with.