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  1. Great effort, I'll be looking forward to looking these up. I would perhaps even consider Before the Beginning from The Empyrean to be a cover of Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. I wasn't familiar with the song until I read that interview with Big Boi in which he listed his favourite albums, and one was The Empyrean, and he mentioned Maggot Brain. The particular style of the echoing percussion near the beginning of both Maggot Brain and Before the Beginning pretty much proves Before the Beginning to be a conscious "cover" rather than a coincidence, let alone the similarity in instrumentation, chords, guitar tone and scales, and length. Both versions are magnificent. It's interesting that John essentially started the album with two covers.
  2. I love the sound of John's voice at the beginning of One More of Me, but the tone seems too deep to be natural. Even though he transitions to some higher notes, the timbre throughout the whole song seems too deep to be his natural, unaltered voice: even in the middle range, the timbre sounds deeper than normal. Not to take anything away from the song; I like the voice and the song overall a lot. Some definitive information would be interesting, though.
  3. Is this what you're looking for?
  4. Most of the song is in A minor, and it ends in D minor. I am pretty sure the solo is in D minor, but there might be parts that sound like F major because that is the relative major of D minor (same key signature).
  5. I listened to the chorus of UTB, and the noise I heard was at 3:24-3:25, is that what people are referring to? I always thought the SPS noise was a fret slide. I'm not convinced that it's a scream.
  6. CDs bought in the US will work in Australia :-)
  7. I was in Atlantic City for a couple of days about a month before that show, and I remember that feeling I got in my stomach as I was driving out of the city and saw the Peppers' billboard... :(/>
  8. :lol:/> Okay...I doubt this has been done before...we'll all say what track is our personal favourite, taking into consideration all albums. That makes it sound complicated, but let me explain: If I said that track 7 was my favourite RHCP track number, then I would say that I enjoy Mommy Where's Daddy, Blackeyed Blonde, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Taste the Pain, Mellowship Slinky in B Major, Pea, Easily, Can't Stop and She's Only 18. The following Wikipedia pages may be useful: Let's see how this goes :thumbsupsmileyanim:/> ...
  9. I'm not really too pleased with this...In my opinion one of the fastest ways to desecrate a beautiful song like While My Guitar Gently Weeps is to do a rap cover of it :thumbsupsmileyanim:/>
  10. As far as I know, RHCP invented the term "Californication", at least were behind its first significant use. I don't think it has been used before, or after, the RHCP album, and therefore is an obvious copy.
  11. John has written so much music, both solo and with RHCP. I don't know how he does it :P/>
  12. It sounds pretty similar to me. I'm not an expert on pedals and effects, but it sounds quite similar to Flea in BSSM.
  13. I can't remember many of them, but the I Could Have Lied solo is great.
  14. Blackeyed Blonde and generally all of Freaky Styley (I recently bought it).
  15. So Much I. I love the chorus and the contrasting verse. If I had another vote I would have also voted for Hard to Concentrate.