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  1. Any chance of a reupload of those scans? I only read hewitts interview with TapeOp, which already was very interesting. I like the dudes talking about how they use their good old tape gear ha
  2. I occasionally hear some Lydian Modes (raised 4th), and just today noticed some Lydian chord progressions on Niandra and Usually, but I don't recognize that much modes, rather a tendency for just major and natural minor. He grew fond of switching keys in cool ways though and switching to relative minor/major often (e.g. shifting focus from Am to C). I always wonder how intentionally modes get used, when people write songs - also key changes. Is it intended, or just drawn from inspired improvisation and following your ear?
  3. I'm quite sure he uses mostly two amps and two amps are picked up by microphones. In the older days he probably used the left and right outputs of his Chorus Ensemble and fed the output to each amp, so one amp got left stereo signal of the chorus and the other amp the right stereo signal. There are many ways to do this, but I do believe this is the way he did it in the BSSM era. On his Stadium Arcadium Pedalboard I remember there was also a stereo modulation effect on the end of the chain, so maybe it was done the same way on that setup, but it was from show to show anyways. I'm not so sure about how the microphones would be mixed at the live mixing desk / soundboard then. I'd probably pan the amps wide left and right, but who knows what these mixing guys do at a live show.