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  1. another shadows another knock yer socks off album for respect people give them ahh reason to live
  2. unreachable.._.._._ommision.-.-.-.-.Dissolve .-.-.-.-.Unchanging.._.._.._.The Afterglow._.._.._.Going Inside.._.._.._.Wedsday Song._.._.._._.Look On.._.._..._.Leap Your Bar._.._.._.Remain ._.._._._.Battle of Time.._._.._.Central.._._._.The Past Recedes._.._.._._.Moments Have You.._.._.._._.A.._.Doubt.._.._._.Song To Sing When Im Lonely.._._._.God.._.._..Heaven._..How High
  3. mentally retarded people there all good theres no reasonable reason to disrespect them life goes on corky dont take retards to the electric chair