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  1. Yea man! For sure! I have never uploaded a video on youtube but really want to so this mite be the time! I will also upload on Instagram not sure if you have one??
  2. Yea your right. Maybe down the distant road all get myself a vintage one for home or just cu it's Kul to have one haha . I ended up buying a ten spot! All let you know when it comes in how I like it!
  3. Rite on! Awesome man! Yea your right. What do you think about getting a vintage WH10? Just for home use?
  4. Rite on! Thanks man! For the feedback! Your right man change mite be good but ah I do love the feel of it. Just can't get used to the crybaby in case. Also I found A cheap used modded one by Wilson effects and I am thinking of it since it's so cheap but now I am thinking of just waiting and saving up for for the ten spo hmmmm. Has your moded one hold up good?
  5. Hello all! I am in a bit of a crisis. After 6 years of owning a WH10v2 it has finally died. The first one I got was a bad one then returned it got another one and man it must have been one of the good ones I gigged with it and stomped it to death. Like a champ never broke. Till now. So my wife got me a crybaby Jimi Hendrix sign. And it's good but handles fuzz and gain terribly. So I don't know if I should get the modded one by Wilson effects or the ten spot? If any one has either I would love some feed back! Thanks!