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  1. Hej! I just stumbled upon this topic, and I'm wondering whether it's still open for replies and posts??? Because if so, I would do my best to tab the songs that I am learning. I figure out rhcp and John stuff out by ear anyways, so it would be no problem to tab them.. I'm right now working on Anne. Has this tab already been posted? Thanks for answering
  2. The pictures of Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) also mean a lot to John. These are two examples (taken of the artwork for "The Spotlight Kid")
  3. I'm searching for a site that contained some information about the making of the Past Recedes video. I remember they mentioned a "fire" or something that took place while the shooting of the video or when finishing it. After that, John decided to not let any media or press related persona in his house in the future. It wasn't an interview from what I remember. Here's what I'm looking for; there was a comment from somebody involved in the shooting. This person shared the words that John and the person on the other end (female) were saying in this phone conversation that you can see in the video. It was a joke about a tampon, but I don't remember what is was like... Does anyone know the site I'm looking for or the joke? Greetings from Germany and Happy New Year :-)
  4. You could also relate the lyrics of Gong Li to John. for example: some people say you hate me (before John left the first time) Things that you're going through... some people said a prayer for (could be the following drug addict period) Sure, that could refer to almost everyone; but I see the point in some people mentioning a connection there. I mean, to John, you know... AND: Because that's my first post I want to thank Iva for i-m.net! I check and visit everyday (almost). Thanks a lot!!