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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, First off I'm really new to this so if I violate a code of conduct please let me know, but be nice. Like I say, new here. Anyway; to business. I like Dani California, while not only commercially successful obviously its a properly good jam, all thanks to John. However; I feel like sometimes the track is a tad over mixed. Don't get me wrong, I love the track how it is, however after hearing liver versions etc I can't help thinking sometimes the mix makes the guitars a tiny bit lifeless. Now obviously coming here and questioning the man himself is bad, so I'm not. I love the track. I don't want to start a big argument either about the best tracks etc; my question is simply this. There must have been a master track, a pre mixed recording of Dani California.... Infact I know there is as John has said about "before it was mixed" etc, as have the other 3. Anyway; I was wondering if anyone out there has any leads or could do some digging or suggest somewhere where one could find something like this. The idea came while I was listening to the Scar Tissue demo, which in some ways I prefer and anyway that thought sent my mind on a spiral and a lot of research until well.... Too late at night. Anyway I'd love to know of any leads, info, contacts anything anyone more experienced than me might have. Alas I don't really "know" many music people. Anyway if someone could help I'd be most grateful Mo Chara
  2. I'm having trouble finding the right tone, especially for the solo and I was wondering if anybody knows the pedals and the right order... (I'm sorry if this already exists, I'm having trouble with the search engine and can't seem to find anything) Thanks