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Found 11 results

  1. FINALLY! The first AcHoZeN album is on its way! Release date is April 22, 2014. If I remember correctly John plays guitar on some songs. Shavo posted also that there are more albums on their way, maybe John contributed on these, too. Let's see...
  2. Hi everyone, First off I'm really new to this so if I violate a code of conduct please let me know, but be nice. Like I say, new here. Anyway; to business. I like Dani California, while not only commercially successful obviously its a properly good jam, all thanks to John. However; I feel like sometimes the track is a tad over mixed. Don't get me wrong, I love the track how it is, however after hearing liver versions etc I can't help thinking sometimes the mix makes the guitars a tiny bit lifeless. Now obviously coming here and questioning the man himself is bad, so I'm not. I love the track. I don't want to start a big argument either about the best tracks etc; my question is simply this. There must have been a master track, a pre mixed recording of Dani California.... Infact I know there is as John has said about "before it was mixed" etc, as have the other 3. Anyway; I was wondering if anyone out there has any leads or could do some digging or suggest somewhere where one could find something like this. The idea came while I was listening to the Scar Tissue demo, which in some ways I prefer and anyway that thought sent my mind on a spiral and a lot of research until well.... Too late at night. Anyway I'd love to know of any leads, info, contacts anything anyone more experienced than me might have. Alas I don't really "know" many music people. Anyway if someone could help I'd be most grateful Mo Chara
  3. I decided to make an own thread for the upcoming new Black Knights album. Here's a little teaser called "Gang Related" And the instrumental You can download the .wav if you liked the song
  4. posted already about it but I thought it would be cool to have a thread to discuss the whole thing and - of course - to talk about the album after its release! John mentioned this already in the Japanese Guitar Magazine (May 2014 issue) but here's the info straight from the official Duran Duran website: Duran Duran works with John Frusciante April 23rd, 2014 We were holding this exciting news because we were hoping to give you full details when we announced, but as word has leaked out, catching us rather off guard, we wanted to confirm… yes it’s true, the extraordinarily talented John Frusciante has indeed been doing some work from his home base in California on our new album. The tracks have been going back and forth via the internet, and we are thrilled with the results. We are all such big fans of John’s work and are honoured to have him adding his magic to the record! There are no current plans for John to tour with us, but his guitars sound incredible on the tracks. Hoping to have more news for you soon. - Simon, John, Nick & Roger *** Source:
  5. The Red Hot Chili Peppers released an official soundboard from 2004 two days ago. In a recent message on Facebook was stated, that there will be more old stuff. Check this thread to be up to date to the newest releases with our beloved J. Frusciante in the RHCP line-up!,12265/Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-mp3-flac-download-6-23-2004-Millennium-Stadium-Cardiff-Wales.html
  6. I was listening to "Song To The Siren" on Frusciante's "The Empyrean" album and I learned it off by ear and then I tried to play along with the original and the song was of a completely different key (original is D major and cover is C minor). So I wrote down both scales with the individual degrees (I, ii, iii, IV, V etc.) and I'm trying to make sense of how Frusciante changed a major song into a minor without it sounding completely different (You have to admit, he has managed to keep it sounding like the original in a way). I've also had the same problem with Arctic Monkeys' cover of Tame Impala's "Feels Like We're Only Going Backwards" but that cover's theory is slightly different. Can someone help me to understand this concept and also leave some suggestions of what songs I should cover by using this method, please and thank you.
  7. John Frusciante got mentioned twice in RZA's latest AMA on reddit. Check it out! *** Source:
  8. This morning, I was sifting through John Frusciante’s discography, picking and choosing my favourites and lining them up in a playlist. I’d never compiled my own version of John’s Greatest Hits before and began wondering why I was picking some songs over others. That’s when I realised that what I was searching for was moments, rarely longer than a few seconds – the small tactile moments in the songs that make them stand out. Thought I’d list a few of my favourite moments, the bits of sound in some songs that make them special. The Intake of Breath Before ‘Carvel’ This is such a good way to begin an album. After breathing in, you’ve got to breathe out. After the sharp breath in, the beginning second of Carvel – the voice, drums, guitar, synths, all of it – sounds like a clear, cold mountain bursting out of John’s lungs. “These are the times I was scared of…” This lyric from ‘Anne’ is jammed between two screaming guitar solos and is the first time in the song that John introduces a harmony part; the harmony is close which makes it stronger. Also it shunts the song directly into the present tense, making me feel scared for the person in the song. It’s the perfect climax to a wonderful song. Synth Opening to ‘Song to Sing When I’m Lonely’ There’s something beautiful about the juxtaposition of a synthetic sound with a happy melody. It’s great too because the stereo bouncing between the ears starts the song in a disparate wide open place, the guitar then knots them together in the centre of the stereo field before the verse begins and the synth disappears. It’s very nice. Tape Looping Vocals in ‘Running Away Into You’ John perfected this technique early on and used it again on later albums but here it's golden and works tightly with the theme. Whatever/whoever he’s running away into, his voice runs away into the song, melding sonically into a glorious looping mess that becomes unrecognisable as a human voice. The single moment that I love most is around the 1.35 mark where suddenly the voice becomes distinguishable once again as a prolonged distorted wail. I love it. Ghostly Vocals in ‘Away & Anywhere’ This song has always felt to me like travelling, like a steady difficult journey. The driving rhythmic rim shots on the snare in the choruses probably add to that, as does the steady tempo of the electronic drums in the verses. What always chills me is when the ghostly backing vocals enter at about 2.34. It really pushes the journey into the nighttime for me. It’s a strong moment. Mascara A really simple one here. I think the two voices singing their anempathetic duet is a really powerful demonstration of a divided mind. The most effective moment is when the two voices stop (almost) arguing and sing “makes me feel like I’m alive” together although I also like when the mix of the two makes it sound like John sings “always makes me feel good to know you’re a whirlpool.” It’s like a chink of light amid the darkness. With Love This is my favourite of Frusciante’s instrumentals. For some reason, I love it when the track cuts out during the final note at the end because the tape runs out. It makes everything that came before sound even more raw. The track makes me feel lovelorn and sad and the ending just amplifies that. There are many more moments I love but that’s enough writing for now.
  9. Hey folks, how are you? I've tested my kodak zx5 videocam with a unboxing video of the reissued vinyl ''Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante'', and as my first topic, I thought you would like to see it. Also I'm trying to get more unboxing videos of john's albums and other artists either. Hope you like :D/> Nice to meet you all ! Thank you for your replies. http-~~-// oops, I duplicated the video...but, don't forget to tell your opinion about it ! :)/>
  10. He discusses three albums here, if I'm correct, and I'm wondering what they are. What is the album that John is talking about when he says Omar's solo record that has "some of my favorite stuff that I've ever done on it"? And what is the soundtrack album that he's talking about that Omar did, and John sang a song on? He also mentions a prog-rock record that him, Flea, and Omar did. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  11. I remember reading a document when the Empyrean first came out, written by John himself, concerning the ideas of the Empyrean. As to be expected, he didn't share the personal meaning behind it, but more of just the lyrical and musical concepts behind the story that it tells. I could have sworn I saved it on my computer, but I can't find it. Does anyone have it/a link to the site it was on? All I can remember is that it was a long document, several pages, and it had some very very interesting ideas of John's.