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Found 3 results

  1. The topic is self-explanatory. If any of you would like to give a go to either of these things - just post what you have.
  2. Hi there, its been just a bit more than 5 months since johns song Wayne, got released, and in 5 months, no one has put a tab up on the internet, and I find that VERY strange, there are a few covers out there of the song, and they have no tabs and I have tried tabbing it off the video with little success. Am I missing something? I would think that someone would have made a tab for it by now but nope :/ I have been trying to learn this song for a few weeks and I just cant get down a few parts, and would just LOVE IT, if someone could link me to a tab if they know of one, or post a tab they have made, I dunno. But please and thank you!
  3. Hey guys! I wondered if anybody has the Tabs for this jam in the beginning? I know, its not John playing, but since ist a RHCP jam and there are some good tabbers on this Forum i thought somebody could help me :)/> Would be great!!