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Leaks Policy

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This thread is in rough state, but expect it to make more sense soon. 

What is a leak?

In the music industry, when a song or album is being put out before it is officially released, usually online.

Sometimes when an artist's album has been leaked, they release their album earlier than planned for fear of the bootleggers. stance on leaks

Commercial releases:
- You can post links to the sites where you found song previews/snippets
- You can post YouTube videos containing these previews IF the accounts they're on do not contain anything else. There have been many attention-seekers who used JF's music as a mean of promoting themselves.

Non-commercial releases (e.g. stuff from jfdirectlyfromjf):
- If it was uploaded and made private, then it's private for the time being. 
-If it was uploaded and kept there, do not link a rip from your YouTube or whatever - give us actual links.

- If you fell for them, it's OK. But in general, these things come from shady sources.
- If you made them and posted them here, we may restrict you from posting for a period of time.

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